Barry Soetoro – Christian Enemy in the Whitehouse

Taquiyya Law allows Muslims to lie as long as it protects and promotes shari'a Law.  For years Jesus believers have been attacked and their Bibles have been burned and their churches have been torched by Muslims. 

How many Churches have to be torched, how many Bibles need to be burned, how many believers of Jesus have to die at the hands of Muslims before the world pays attention?  Muslims are allowed to lie to infidels as long as it helps Islam.  On June 18, 2007 this News Article described Bible Burnings in Gaza, but in America people had better things to do…

Kimberly West AP
Sat  Sept 11, 2010
Subject; Gaza Bible Burnings in 2007

 "Peaceful" Muslims burned "Bibles" in 2007..
 On June 18, 2007 it was reported that Muslims burned Christian "Bibles" , but somehow the "controlled media did not report it . Here is the LINK to that news article.

"That Bibles were burned by Muslim extremists in Gaza in 2007 causing Christians there to fear for their lives, somehow didn't get publicized to this extreme, but then again, the contest for ratings has never been tougher."

Today's news is filled with Muslim threats and intimidation on our part.

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