Economic Collapse – After Armageddon

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Why is the History Channel showing people what the America would look like if there was a complete meltdown of our system?  Martial Law, a Viral Pandemic, our Financial Collapse and Public Upheaval may look like this. 

What if " The Big One, " did come along?  Where would you go?  What decisions would you make?  Do you think that Emergency Services may be available to you?  The Police and the Ambulance and the Hospitals may be too busy to help you.  Our safety may depend on what we do for ourwselves, to prepare for an emergency. 

History Channel
Sun  Sept 12, 2010
Subject; 9 Days Away from Anarchy  – 9 Video Clips Every American Needs to See

General Chaos would set in if these systems Stop Working. 

Most people have about 3 days of food in their homes. 

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