Economic Collapse – Food Supply & Iran War Damage by Gerald Celente

Poisons are being dumped in to our water, our food supply, our air and all of this is doing harm to our health.  Recently 30,000 people in Atlanta lined up for 450 Section 8 Housing slots.  People may be lining up for food soon.

Over 20 million homes are vacant in America.  About 2% of food is inspected that comes into America. The Food Modernization Act is an assault on Americans.  Fascist Thugs are attacking our Liberty in America.  Threats of terror strikes are constant these days.  Tight credit is squeezing farmers, factories, stores and consumers.  Toxic Assets are still held by many banks, and more banks are shutting down every week.  It's nuts, busting a kid in Oregon for selling lemonaid. 

Gerald Celente
Fri  Sept 10, 2010 
Subject: 7 yr old Boy in Oregon Gets Busted Selling Lemonaid

10th Gerald Celente interview on "Off the grid radio show" 

On the September 10th, 2010 edition of Off the Grid Radio, Bill Heid interviews renowned trend analyst and forecasting expert Gerald Celente. Mr. Celente uncovers the latest conspiracy to control the food supply and explains how the coming war with Iran will destroy the economy…and the soul of our country. This is one episode you absolutely MUST hear!


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