Economic Collapse – Seizure Flag Stars and Stripes

Symbolism has been used to manipulate Americans Americans.  The horizontal stripes, on the Admiralty Flag we have come to know, represent people who are dead or at least asleep to our Liberty. 

Financial Solvency, doesn't that sound nice?  The American Civil Flag was instituted in 1799 by one of the Signers of the Constitution, Oliver Wolcott.  This Civil Flag represents an America Solvent and At Peace: notice the verticle white and red stripes, like you and me alive and well?  The Seizure Flag, or the Roman Civil Law flag of Admiralty is the one most Americans are now used to.  

Sun  Sept 12, 2010
Subject; Peace and Solvency in the American Civil Flag


These beautiful U.S. Civil flags are all cotton with embroidered stars. The first U.S. Civil flag was instituted by the U.S. Treasurer and signer of the Constitution; Oliver Wolcott in 1799. The purpose was to represent an America at peace and in state of financial solvency under a gold/Silver standard and the Common law. The current U.S. flag admiralty flag with the Gold fringe denotes Roman Civil law or the laws of seizure. There is still a remnant of the Civil flag in use found with the coast guard cutter flag. The first Civil flag never caught on with the American public because they were too expensive. I have wanted to avoid that fate and have priced them as reasonable as possible.

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