Jim’s Jungle Juice, The Perfect Food Storage

Once in a while I run across an item that blows me away.

I have gone camping. I've been hungry. I know what it is like to go without because something is too inconvenient.

A personal friend of mine is growing wheat grass on his 8,000 acres nearby. He has a proprietary system of dehydrating this young wheat grass and turning it into a powder to make it easier for you and me to use. This friend has a real attitude about keeping pesticides and chemicals away from this wheat grass crop.

Jim Phillips says this Wheat Grass Powder is perfect for packing with him as he goes out into nature and for keeping as an emergency food when he has no way to build a fire.

Jim's Jungle Juice  has Yucca, Spinach,Parsley, Stevia, Peppermint, Barley, Oat Grass, Alfalfa and Probiotic Cultured Greens.

Currently Jim's Jungle Juice is packaged as a fancy herb and sold on California shelves for $25 for 225 grams or 90 servings.

My friend says I can offer Jim's Jungle Juice to you for just $20 plus $5 for shipping and handling.

Some people claim that the raw taste of wheat grass is too intense for their sensitive taste buds.

What I know is that wheat grass is one of Mother Nature's most healthy foods and in this kind of a package it has many, many uses. This Jim's Jungle Juice can be used as a suppliment or as a snack or as food storage.

Just put a teaspoon or 2 of Jim's Jungle Juice into a glass of water and stir. There you go, it's a meal – in a pinch. If the difference between life and death is a quick, easy dip and stir of Jim's Jungle Juice then this is a Must for You and Me.

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