Rape at the Top – Mormon and Catholic Leaders Guilty

In the music business some insiders claim you have to be willing to murder somebody or to at least take part in murder to be allowed Stardom.  Lady Gaga aka Stephani Germanotta may have blood on her hands from the death of Lena Morgana in 2008. 

At the top, a few religious leaders realize they are free to rape or murder without recourse.  These are difficult claims to make against anybody.  Gale has risked her life to speak her truth about her attempted rape by LDS Church President Monson.  Catholic Priests are not new to claims of sexual misdeeds by Priests and other Vatican leaders.

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Mon  Sept 13, 2010
Subject: Satanic Ritual Abuse by Religious Leaders



Belgian child abuse report exposes Catholic clergy
Paedophilia expert unveils harrowing testimony and documents cases in almost every diocese
guardian.co.uk, Friday 10 September 2010
Some of the most damning evidence of systematic child abuse by the Roman Catholic clergy to come to light was unveiled today by Belgium's leading authority on paedophilia, who published hundreds of pages of harrowing victim testimony detailing their traumas and suffering.
The explosive report by Peter Adriaenssens in the town of Louvain, east of Brussels, lists evidence of 476 instances of child abuse by priests and bishops going back 50 years.
Speaking of the victims, Adriaenssens said that 13 had killed themselves, according to relatives, and another six had attempted suicide. "There are days when I thank God for having the chance to speak," testified one woman. "Four years of psychotherapy have taught me that silence kills. I have had enormous depressions, going as far as attempted suicide… http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/sep/10/belgium-child-abuse-catholic-church

'The Vatican is a nest of devils'

When she tore up the pope's picture as a protest against child abuse, people thought she was loopy. But Sinead O'Connor – former pop star, priest, newly married mother of four – won't say 'I told you
The Guardian, Saturday 11 September 2010
The Vatican't? She grins. "Yes, as in they can't admit anything, they can't stand up for anything." Where to start? Women priests, homosexuals, contraception and, of course, child sex abuse. "You can go back centuries, but the way they've behaved just in the last 20 years, over this issue of sexual abuse, shows they don't give a shit. They feel untouchable. And to me it seems they don't believe in God at all. Because if you did believe you couldn't stand in front of that spirit covering up and moving priests and doctoring reports to psychiatrists and not telling them there was a suspicion of abuse, you just couldn't do that."
In April, the pope's personal preacher Raniero Cantalamessa compared the attack on the Catholic church with the Nazi persecution of the Jews…"The Vatican is a nest of devils and a haven for criminals. It's evil, the very top of the toppermost is evil."

Hong Kong – 13,000 Lightning Hits In 1 Hour

Feminism – Recipe For Slavery – Vid In this documentary I explore the true motivation behind the feminist movement, and the unfortunate effects it has had on society. Do feminist leaders really care what women want? Do feminist followers even know what their leaders prescribe? This pseudo revolution has corrupted society to its core, what possible solutions can there be?


Mysterious Sight Seen In Houston Sky

Gang Stalking In San Antonio And America – Vid "The book is fact. It's not a book of fiction. What I've wrote about here is an isolated story in San Antonio,” Dr. Hall said.

Dr. Hall says it is a story about himself, and the harassment and rapes his ex-girlfriends allegedly suffered, beginning in 1996. Dr. Hall believes the people behind it are well-organized-operatives, using government satellite technology to terrorize him and other victims. "All voicing the same complaints: organized stalking, weird, electronic disturbances going on in their homes. Most of the women complain of drugging and sexual assault. It's a big national problem," he said…

Utah Woman Accuses Mormon Prophet of Attempted Rape:

Gayle Smith, a resident of Lehi, Utah has had a very difficult life. In a startling revelation she told this reporter that current Mormon Prophet, Thomas S Monson, attempted to rape her. The alleged event took place when Monson was a married man and the Bishop of Utah congregation.
Gayle stated that a friend of hers lined her up with a "blind date" with Thomas S Monson. The two apparently took a drive up one of Utah's Canyons and there, Monson allegedly tried to force himself on Gayle. She claimed, "He was like a wild animal" as he tore at her clothes. She resisted and he allegedly told her, "Don't you know that I am going to be a big man in the (Mormon) Church one day?
Apparently, she was able to break free from his grasp and exit the car. She started walking home and he followed her in his car, trying to apologize for what had taken place. Finally, she relented, and he apparently drove her home.
Gayle also stated that she and other "victims" stood up at a Stake Center where Thomas S Monson was preaching and "He turned as white as a ghost".
This article is an appeal to any other women, or men, that are currently, or have been victims of sexual abuse at the hands of those in positions of power within the Mormon (LDS Church), Utah politics, or others to come forward so that their story can be told. http://www.moneyteachers.org/Thomas+Monson+alleged+attempted+rape.html

Did Lady Gaga Have Rival Murdered?

September 12, 2010 –Left, Gaga (or Lina Morgana?) thrown off balcony in Gaga video Paparazzi
Anyone versed in the satanic rituals of the music industry knows that super-stardom is reserved for those who murder or take part in the murder of a lover, parent, or sibling.
Lina Morgana collaborated with Stephani Germanotta [Lady Gaga] during 2007 until falling ten stories to her death in New York October 6, 2008 at age 19.
This wasn't a secret, though the media is broadcasting it now since the girl's Russian immigrant mother has come out saying, "Lady Gaga is holding Lina's soul, and I want her soul to be free."
Anyone versed in the satanic rituals of the music industry knows that super-stardom is reserved for those who take part in the murder of a lover, parent, or sibling. Lina 'Morgana' (a witch name) was on the verge of her own music career taking off. Lots of images and her music is available on youtube, so her mother's claim that Gaga took her blond look, makeup, stage act, and several songs when she was still just Stephani Germanotta holds up.
Lina's professionally shot portfolio shows she was corrupt as hell anyway. It was just a case of which witch would be Satan's favorite. Her association with Gaga was during Stephani's 'experimental' phase — lots of orgies and drugs. Stephani became Gaga and her career took off one month after Morgana's death. (Morgana, left)
When I compared Morgana's recording "Wonderland" with Gaga's "Wunderland" the rip off is obvious.


VIDEO: 911 Memorial Features Occult Eye of Horus By David J. Stewart
"Many people (including Christians) find the occult nature of the New World Order difficult to grasp, because they have never taken the first step to learn the truth; therefore, things like what I'm about to share with you is so freakish that they can't deal with its reality. After the 911 attacks, a memorial was built at ground zero. Watch the following video and you'll see the all-seeing Eye of Horus being formed. The Illuminati not only killed our family and friends in the 911 attacks, but they mock us, sticking it in our faces."


Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor
September 10, 2010–Scientists on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico are finding a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions. Their discovery suggests that a lot of oil from the Deepwater Horizon didn't simply evaporate or dissipate into the water — it has settled to the seafloor.

Obama Extends 9/11 State of Emergency No word of this yet from the White House, but President Barack Obama has today extended for another year the state of emergency President George W. Bush declared after the 9/11 attacks.

Building What? TV AD Help broadcast this WTC Building 7 TV Ad to millions…


Obama Picks Skull and Bones Member and Ex-CFR Employee to Head His Council of Economic Advisers
The neoliberal Milton Friedman disciple, Austan Dean Goolsbee, has been picked as chairman of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Male Fish Now Exhibiting Female Traits Due to Toxic Chemicals and Pharma Runoff More than 80 percent of male bass in the Potomac River on the U.S. Atlantic coast are producing eggs or showing other female traits, the nonprofit Potomac Conservancy has warned, in a call for more research into the causes of intersex fish.

Regulators Using Egg Recall to Push Support for Tyrannical 'Food Safety' Bill S.510
The billion-or-so egg recall fiasco that took place this summer is a perfect example of the failures implicit in modern, industrialized agriculture.

Clinton Talks World Government at the Council on Foreign Relations
Here’s Clinton. Substitute the phrase “American leadership” with “leadership by the globalist cabal” and you’ll get a good idea of what she’s talking about:

Scientists Discover Way to Recharge Laptops and Cell Phones With Soda Pop and Vegetable Oil
Researchers looking for new, cheap energy sources might want to look in the food pantry and junk food aisle at the grocery story. Sugary drinks as well as vegetable oils and plain old table sugar could one day be used to recharge cell phones, laptops and other portable electronics.

Healthcare Workers to be Fired If They Refuse Flu Shots, Medical Group Demands
Forget the U.S. Constitution. Forget basic human rights. Forget the fact that research shows flu shots don't work most of the time. A group of the nation's leading infectious disease experts are demanding forced vaccinations for all healthcare workers.


USDA Failure May Have Helped Cause Salmonella Egg Outbreak
In yet another shocking display of incompetence and regulatory failure, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) knew all along that one of the egg mega-farms involved in the recent recall had sanitation issues, but did not report them to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as it should have.
Big Sis Iris Scanners: The Prison Without Bars
The Department of Homeland Security is set to begin trials of iris scanning technology in October, but don’t believe for a second that Big Sis’ latest assault on the privacy right of Americans will be confined to airports – everything from entering sports events to making purchases will eventually be controlled by the technology if it is allowed to be implemented.
Ground Zero Mosque Controversy: A CIA Orchestrated Event
Imagine my surprise when I learned that the so-called Ground Zero mosque has connections to the CIA. Mark Ames, writing for the New York Observer, spelled out the connections on Friday.

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