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These days many lies and half truths are flying around us.  It's difficult to determine the Islamic truth by just listening to the claims of the Imam at Ground Zero or President Obama or from any Muslim. 

In 1957 an Islamic Worship Center opened up on Embassy Row in Washington.  In 2005 a federal court in Virginia sentenced their Wahhabist cleric Ali Al-Timimi to life in prison for soliciting fighters to wage war with America from the Washington Worship Center.  Women are now prohibited from worshipping in the main hall of the Washington Islamic Center.  What do you think a Mosque will be used for at Ground Zero?

Victoria Toensing
Mon  Sept 13, 2010
Subject: The Road to Wahabism – Washington's Islamic Worship Center

by sinanju

“Washington’s Islamic Center, a magnificently arched structure gracing Massachusetts Avenue on Embassy Row, was conceived in high principle as a “religious organization to provide a place of worship for the members of the Islamic faith.” Its opening ceremony, in 1957, commanded the presence of President Eisenhower, who praised Islam’s contributions to the “advancement of mankind” and concluded with the resolution that “America would fight with her whole strength for your right to have your own church,” noting that “without this, we would be something less than we are.”

The center’s first board of directors was truly representative of the Islamic world, including members from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. And its stated mission was full of promise, including a commitment to “enlighten American public opinion on the Islamic Countries . . . and to promote friendly relations between the Muslim world and the Americas.”

Alas, under Saudi control since the mid-1980s, the center has become a hotbed of misogyny and anti-American rancor. In the 1990s, for instance, it brought in Wahhabist cleric Ali Al-Timimi to preach. In 2005, a U.S. federal court in Virginia sentenced Timimi to life in prison after convicting him of ten counts related to terrorism, including soliciting fighters to wage war against the United States and counseling others to aid the Taliban.

Basing its stance on sharia law, the center also recently prohibited women from worshiping in its main prayer hall.

Under Saudi leadership, the Islamic Center has marginalized voices of moderation by shutting other Muslim countries out of running the center. I know this because since August 2006, I have been counsel in numerous legal proceedings involving the center.

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