9/11 – Geert Wilders says No to Ground Zero Mosque

Geert Wilders
Mon Sept 13, 2010 
Subject: No Mosque at Ground Zero – video clips below


Very poignant and saddening article and videos. I am not at all satisfied that our nation has truly learned any lessons from this, simply because most people refuse to acknowledge the fact that things are only getting worse, and more appeasement, cowardice and political correctness will do absolutely the opposite of what is required for our nation to survive. We must stand up against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. We are being inundated by foreigners with nefarious intent, including the one sitting in our nation's White House. He must be stopped…NOW!

9/11 Freedom Rally: Geert Wilders' Speech in New York
Source: familysecuritymatters.org

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