Illegal Immigration – Race Wars are Nothing New

In Arizona back in 1916 conflicts between whites in America and Mexicans culminated in deaths.  Latino Students at Cal State Northridge demanded a course on campus for Chicano Studies. 

Arizona has a history of racial violence.  Professor Rudy Acuna says that new laws in Arizona will drive people again to a new Race War.  Latino elected officials ought to serve their people rather than playing the political games.  Phoenix Politicians are driving this new move towards laws against undocumented workers.  People are taking positions on both sides of this illegal immigration issue.

Professor Rodolfo F Acuna
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010   
Subject: Occupied America – Race Wars are Not Over

My fears of a coming race war are enhanced.

There are always people who agitate and encourage to violence, on both sides of any controversy. Truly sad and terrible.

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