Mormon Illuminati – Paul Drockton interviews Dave Cleveland

The Illuminati have promised they would infiltrate every organization.  David O McKay of the LDS Church spoke years ago that the Mormon Church had been infiltrated, even to the very top ranks of the church.

This 1 hour Interview will blow you away with Drockton and Cleveland.  Satanic Worship is performed regularly by people within the Mormon Church.  Blood shed is required by people who worship lucifer.  Certain family lines have been doing these violent tortures and human sacrifice for hundreds of years and they brought it with them into the LDS Church.  Paul Drockton has been warned by TPTB to stop his investigations.  Dave Cleveland has been connecting the dots for decades. 

Dave Cleveland
Sat  Sept 25, 2010
Subject: Satan Rules the Mormon Church


The Devil Went Down To Washington
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How heat helps in cancer treatment
Heat – whether from a carefully created and controlled fever or from hyperthermia delivered by microwaves, radio frequency or ultrasound – is increasingly being used as a cancer treatment.

Ezra Taft Benson Warned Mormons about Illuminati Infiltration:

Illuminati In the Mormon Church

DAVE CLEVELAND ON The Paul Drockton Radio Show the Rense Radio Network!
Illuminati In the Mormon Church, Listen here…
DATE: Friday 09-24-10

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3 Responses to “Mormon Illuminati – Paul Drockton interviews Dave Cleveland”

  1. Chris says:

    Who is Paul Drockton?

  2. Henry says:

    I think I agree with Paul Drockton.

  3. Susan Greene says:

    I have been keenly aware of the Mormon Alluminati for 25 years..My mother was involved, we took many trips from Los Angeles to Salt Lake by way of train and at 5 years old, stayed at the house of a G.A’s house…everything at that period was shrouded in secrecy…I am still searching to find answers….

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