Top 5 Distractions – Illuminati Believe They Still Rule

A few men and women are risking their all to warn Americans of the demonic activities of the Black Nobility, 18 so-called royal families that are now operating within 14 countries. 

Robert Hender " R J " 
Tue  Sept 14, 2010
Subject:  5th Column in America

September 14, 2010 –  RJ/Tom  

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   For me, there is fun in this, visiting with experts about the details of who are behind the evil that is happening to our country.  Too many Americans don't know yet of these cowards that have been plotting to destroy our country and our liberties. 

   On Tuesday the 14th of September Tom Gambill joined me at  to explain a bit of our history and to warn of some coming concerrns for America.  You can always examine  to see Tom's research.

   The Council on Foreign Relations continue to distract us with un-news while they continue their solid plans for our demise. There are 18 so-called royal families that occupy 14 countries as they reign the earth.  This Black Nobility believe they are the posterity of Jesus.  Okay, so not all of them make this claim, but several of them have made this claim and thereby this justifies their activity to control and minipulate the earth.   The rest of this Controlling Class have made an oath with Lucifer. 

   Did Jesus have children with Mary Magdeline?

   Jesuit Priests have been training Baptist Ministers how to mislead their congregations. 

   The Illuminati has infiltrated every organization, as they have promised to do. 

   Hating the Muslims is a distraction to their NWO agenda. 

   Hating the Mexicans is a distraction to their NWO agenda.

   Media Lies continue to preoccupy our minds, according to their NWO plan. 

   Sending New Lawyers to D C keeps our wheels spinning.  The House and the Senate are filled with NWO bribe takers. 

   Creating the contention between the Democrats or the Republicans keeps us chasing our tails, just as the NWOers like it.

   America is still a Colony of England.  All claim to proerty is currently held by the Vatican and Managed by the Crown. 

   Abe Lincoln and Hitler were both half Rothschild's

   America is Bankrupt, as the Illuminati likes it.  The bankruptcy cycle for a country is 70 years. 

      1789 – Washington D C was handed over to the Global Bankers as the collateral for America's first bankruptcy

      1860 – All of the original 13 states were handed over as collateral for America's 2nd Bankruptcy Cycle. 

      1929 – People became the collateral for this national debt to the Global Banksters.  Birth Certificates are sold as property…  

      2000 – A New Bankruptcy has begun, for America.  Some terms and conditions are in place and still being hammered out.

   Wars have been instigated to make profits for the Black Nobility and their minions and to increase the Power Grip of these NWO elite. 

   Even FDR was quoted as saying, " …to hell with the American people.  The democracy does not exist.  We will declare martial law and institute our dictatorship. " 

   We do not know our own true history.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J      

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