Economic Collapse – Deflation is the First Step

Hyper Inflation comes by our basic loss of faith in our money. Inflation happens as the demand is greater than the supply.  Right now the U S Government is indebted to about 100% of the GDP.  We are about to go through a very bumpy financial ride.   

Hyper Inflation is coming.  The current Global Depression is squeezing property values, downward.  Since September of 2008 the U S Gov't has been trying to stop the financial bleeding with massive bail-outs.  A potential deflationary death spiral has American and World Banksters scared.  Thre may be no stopping this complete collapse of the world's financial system.

Gonzalo Lira
Sat  Sept 18, 2010
Subject: Gold May be the Next Bubble

It's entirely possible that gold will be the next bubble. This is actually a bad thing since it means world governments are devaluing their currencies. I mentioned previously this could end badly (read hyperinflation, etc.) and I don't think John Q. Public American generally has a clue what's happening. 

This was an interesting article on how the whole thing could unfold (substitute gold for oil and you might have an uhuh moment).

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