Malmstrom – They’re Here says Robert Salas

On Monday Sept 27th 6 airmen have disclosed to the world that they saw UFO's.  Most people are aware that these things go on all over the world.  Watch the spin by the press and the government and by the common tators..

Secret documents have finally been released on UFO sightings by the United States military.  Will you now go screaming through the streets, as if our world will now come to an end?  Are aliens demons?  Does the United States possess alien technology?  Robert Salas was an Air Force Minuteman launch officer at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, where he saw UFO crafts hover over nuclear weapons, shutting them down.  There is much here that we do not know, yet. 

Mon  Sept 27, 2010
Subject: ET/UFO Disclosure

ET/UFO Disclosure | Former US Air Force Officials claim US government covered up the UFOs incidents

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COMMENT: Certainly even before Nixon; but all presidents after have been part of the elites bar none.  All 43 presidents are genetically related by the way.    Reagan was a also part of this evil plan pretending to be a good president he was not remotely on our side.   This is confirmed by evidence…..FEMA, REX-84; Iran Contra affair, Star Wars project; and visits to Bohemian Grove along with Nixon.   


UFO – Ronald Reagan's Speech about Alien Invasion

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UFO – Ronald Reagan's Alien speech at UN

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the Subtle hints hidden among clever words and context. 

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