Restore America Plan – Annonymous Dream of Tim Turner

You can place faith in this dream, or not.  People are running around scared, counting on promises that were maid by 4 initial Guardian elders.  It now looks like Tim Turner may be the only one of the " Elders, " who keeps his promises.

The world is in a lot of Financial Trouble.  When 1,350 Americans stood with the 4 Guardian Elders they had no idea that the whole world was watching.  The World's Debt Money System is about to collapse.  A new system of Government and Money supply is needed.  Did the Republic of the united States come along, just in time?  We shall see whether we can turn this thing around, or not. 

Fri  Sept 24, 2010
Subject: Tim Turner and the Republic have Arrived Just in Time

"The Lord speaks to us in different ways and one of the ways He speaks to me is through dreams. Not all of my dreams are of Him but I think this one was.

In this dream, Tim Turner was walking with two friends. They came across a mysterious stranger who told them about some keys and money that were put in a certain place for him to find. The keys were to unlock door to a secret meeting that was held by world leaders. When he got to the door, it was left open. Tim and his two friends walked through rooms, hallways and staircases. Finally, they made it to an underground mall area where many people (dressed up dignitaries from all over) were milling around. He turned to one of his friends and asked, “Do you believe me now that everything I’ve been saying has been the truth?” His friend sheepishly agreed. They walked up to a registration desk where Tim gave his name and country (United States of America). The registrar checked her lists for his name and called over a superior to help her. Tim then said check under Republic of the united States. The superior found his name immediately and they welcomed him.

He then entered a room with a large conference table where many were seated. Tim found his place at the table and the different representatives from around the country started passing him hand-written notes. One note said “please stay” with their signature on it. They were passing around a yearbook of sorts of last years meeting to familiarize Tim with everything when all of a sudden people at the table spontaneously broke out in a song of praise to God. (BTW, Obama was conspicuously absent and Newgt Gingrich was at the far end of the conference table staring at TT and whispering to someone next to him) Those things may not mean anything but I didnt want to leave them out. Anyway, I woke up at peace feeling that God’s hand is certainly with Tim guiding his steps."

What do you think?

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230 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Annonymous Dream of Tim Turner”

  1. Mike says:

    total nonsense..

  2. Ive Hadenough says:

    Sounds like Mike’s mind is c-l-o-s-e-d…not even a thought, just an empty comment.
    I do not know what dreams are about, but they have some meaning and come from somewhere. We will know some day.

    God bless you RJ.

    • RJ says:

      Many people are having dreams and visions these days.

      How closely do you examine your own dreams?

      Are you choosing Gloom and Doom and Boom?

      Are you choosing to involve your life in the remedy to our challenges?

  3. Mike J says:

    The stupidity of the people that follow and believe this RAP bullsh*t absolutely astounds me. This is why:
    1. The same 13 families that own the FED also own the other central banks around the world. Therefore, even if the FED cockroach is killed, you still have the nest to deal with.
    2. The IMF and BIS are owned outright by the Vatican, through their Rothschild bankers. Tim Turner is being used as a Pyed Piper by the Vatican and he either A. Doesn’t know it, or B. is so damn arrogant that he doesn’t realize it.
    3. The entire global monetary system is an illusion. Turner does a great job desbribing this in his seminars, but he wants to perpetuate it for some reason.
    4. The constitution was a charade… an illusion.. meaning it was not written for us, the people. It was written for the proleteriat freemasons that were organizing the government the way the Vatican and Crown wanted back in the late 18th and 19th centuries. The constitution itself is LUCIFERIAN! The “GOD” reference in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and on our money is “LUCIFER” their god, not JESUS CHRIST, YAHWEH! Time to wake up people… really really really wake up!

    • RJ says:

      It’s not the R A P any more.

      Oh wait, Tom Schaults and Regan Reedy are still playing that old harp.

      Hae you noticed all the actions against Foreclosures lately?

      The Republics have been Reinhabited.

      • Mike J says:

        Tom and Regan are morons indeed. The Republics never existed… DO THE DAMN RESEARCH!

        • RJ says:

          We are more than just the Sum of all the Parts…

          Somebody’s intentions matter.

          A whole lot of stuff is going on, you and I may never be aware of. Behind the scenes major negotiations are going on for America.

          We may never have ” all the facts. ”

          The truth is bigger than all the facts, even if we had them all.

  4. Ive Hadenough says:

    Sounds like Mike is really up on things. Maybe he should lead the people since he is so knowledgeable. If he thinks “RAP” is “bullsh*t” , then I wonder why he would even be on this site? Infowars is a much more suitable site for Mike, because he seems more lined up with Alex Jones.
    Anyway, Mike should be a leader because the rest of us are stupid. Maybe Mike should remain in the Corporation with his strawman because he IS so knowledgeable. The rest of us stupid people are going to live free. P.S. RAP doesn’t even exist anymore.

    • RJ says:

      Did people forget how Stopping Foreclosures was one of the top objectives of the Restore America Plan.

      It is R A P, no more.

      The Republics have been re-inhabited.

      America needs our prayers.

  5. Mike J says:

    I got your back RJ! But, when people some on here and spread complete distortions of the truth, I have to put them in check. The only way to stop the foreclosure madness is to actually hack into all the banks records and delete all their data. If they have no records, they have no evidence to foreclose. The only thing RAP has done is take advantage of poor people who believe in Jesus. RAP is a PSYOP for the christians as NESARA is for the young people. Its all disinfo.

  6. Carol M. says:

    Thanks for posting my dream RJ. God was confirming to me in this dream things that I had been asking Him about. God Bless you!

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