Economic Collapse – Stimulus Folly by Bob Chapman

Printing more money and more money is driving up inflation and it's ruining the economy of America.  Federal Reserve officials and Government officials are aware of the financial damage they are doing to America. 

Gold and silver prices are being suppressed.  On the radio with " R J, "  Bob Chapman made the truth clear about the financial crisis that is collapsing around our ears.  America is in a depression.  We are about to dive into hyper inflation, which is just what the NWO Banksters want for America and the world.  Presidents do not make decisions.  The new Rat Pack is made up of Larry Summers, Dave Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel and these rats are beginning to jump off the sinking American Ship.

Robert Hender " R J " 
Thur Sept 23, 2010
Subject: Depression of 2010 

   Bob Chapman joins " R J, " at RBN once or twice every month.  While the rest of America gets the pasturized version of the news, together Bob and R J lay out the truth for people to discover. 

   The new Rat Pack in America is Larry Summers, Dave Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.  These rats are beginning to jump off the sinking ship, America. 

   Some day people will be held accountable for what they have done to our country. 

   By design TPTB want to force us into a One World Order with 1 economy, 1 religion and 1 government.   

This 1 hour interview will blow you away.  

Listen To The Interview


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