Tim Turner – We Are a Christian Nation

In America other churches are free to worship, as they wish.  In other countries Christians are not free to exercise these rights of worship.  Tim Turner announced this week that we wish all people peace, but we reserve the right to be a Christian Nation.

As the President of the Republic of the united States Tim Turner recently announced that we only wish peace for Christians and people of all faith.  America was founded upon Christian principles that protect the rights of all people.  At www.republicoftheunitedstates.org  you may examine your options of joining the Republic of the united States of America.

Tim Turner
Tue  Sept 21, 2010
Subject: We Are a Christian Nation under God



Email from Tim Turner explaining why we ARE a Christian Nation under GOD.

Our nation was founded on Christian principles that protect the rights of all people. Throughout our history we have never complained about any other religion or belief system and always allowed these other religions to practice in peace. We have always been on the defense from attacks, by non Christians, as we are now. Your listeners are not getting emails from us complaining about what they are doing but we are getting complaints from many of them because of our stand for Christianity. The truth is that if it wasn’t for Christian beliefs operating in this government, you would not even have the right to complain without retalliation. We wish no harm on anyone and help everyone. We love God and our neighbor and what is wrong with that. So why are we being challenged on this. We only want to make sure that we uphold principles that will protect everyone because we have seen the evidence of how we are treated by non-christians. It is ok for everyone else to have freedom of speech and press but not Christians. I will uphold and support the Christian ethics of this government as long as I am involved. I believe in the scriptures and it clearly says that anyone who attempts to come to the Father by any other means than Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) is the same as a thief and a robber. I don’t want to be counted in that group. I hope that you and your friends will find peace.
God Bless, Tim Turner

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78 Responses to “Tim Turner – We Are a Christian Nation”

  1. I fully support the RAP.

    With that said, yes, we may have been founded upon certain principles, but that doesn’t mean those principles are about individual sovereignty and personal freedom. America was founded on the principle of slavery; on the suffrage of women; on the public humiliation of others among our top ten transgressions – yet we wouldn’t want to return to such ideas as we know in retrospect, they do not advance freedom. We advance freedom by understanding from whence we came.

    Are not the worst forms of control and the taking of one’s freedom, that of a man’s conscious mind to decide for himself about nature, nature’s god or where his inherent rights actually come from?
    If a man lives to develop personal responsibility, whereby he owns his choices, is able to respond to those choices, and makes such without injury to others, does how he reaches his integrity and character really matter to the extent we would infringe on the freedom of his conscious mind?

    How a man reaches integrity & character matters not, only that he does. To imply we were founded on certain principles that aim to control the minds or reality of others, isn’t freedom, but just another version of the CORPORATION’S attempts to manipulate. Especially when it’s not needed.

    Collective salvation is rooted in the idea that one person’s choice damns everyone else, which drives others to control. If such is really accurate, we’d all be in lock-step with Obama, but we know better. We know that freedom is the ultimate lottery by which a man can decide his life, his happiness, his liberty.

    While I understand many have a deity that supports their path, others do not or do not share the same idea of one’s deity. As such, it would be a shame to disenfranchise those individuals for our own personal self-interest and self-designed paradigm of the world; subjective and opinioned as it is.

    For liberty!

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