Top 12 Steps to Restore the Constitution

Restoring constitutional principles in America takes willing participants.  The Independent American Movement has defined the top 12 principles for Liberty in this article. 

Liberty is based on the recognition that unalienable rights are endowed upon us by our Creator.  It takes a mother and a father to build a family and this is the foundation for society in America.  Our right of self defense is 1 of the mose foundational principles to freedom.  Understanding rights and privileges are pivotal to liberty in America. 

Jeff Head
Wed  Sept 22, 2010
Subject: 12 Principles for Constitutional Governance

12 Principles for Constitutional Governance – What should be pledged to
Restore the Constitution – An FR Alliance Project ^ | Sep 22, 2010 | Jeff Head

Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:34:33 PM by Jeff Head

“12 Principles for Constitutional Governance from the The Independent American Movement for Constitutional Restoration (IAM-CR), which is a movement intent on restoring the US Constitution to its proper & intended place in our Republic.

Members involved with this effort swear or affirm that they will support the following constitutional principle statements and will do all they can to elect individuals to public office who do the same. Candidates swear or affirm that they will support these principles and do all in their power, if elected, to enact and support these principles in law.”

12 Constitutional Governance Statements:

LIFE: Life is the most fundamental and intrinsic unalienable right granted by the Creator, and upon which all other rights are based. It was enumerated first by our founders because of this fundamental nature. Abortion, or any other procedure that willfuly and knowingly terminates the life of an innocent human being, betrays this most fundamental right, destroying the well spring of our humanity and the very basis of our Republic. Click Here for the entire statement.

LIBERTY: Liberty is based on the recognition that unalienable rights are endowed by the Creator, and governed by fundamental moral principle. They are not subject to kings, presidents, parliaments, congresses, rulers, the UN or any other individual, group or institution. Click Here for the entire statement.

FAMILY: The traditional family, meaning a lawfully and legally married man and woman and their children, is the fundamental building block of society, and indispensable to its health and well-being. Click Here for the entire statement.

SELF DEFENSE: The right to self defense through the keeping and bearing of firearms, like the right to life, is one of the most fundamental principles upon which our liberty is based and must not be infringed. Click Here for the entire statement.

PROPERTY: One unalienable right is the pursuit of happiness. In addition to its pursuit through wholesome relationships, we attain & enhance it through accumulating real property & personal wealth which in turn supports our families and our liberty Thus, Property Rights are as critical to liberty as any other unalienable right. Click Here for the entire statement.

IMMIGRATION: A fundamental duty of our government is to protect the sovereignty of our nation against invasion and preserve our republican form of government. Our borders must be secure against illegal entry. Legal immigration for those seeking to become Americans and adopt America's fundmantal republican principles is welcome, illegal immigration is not. Click Here for the entire statement.

NATIONAL DEFENSE: Protecting the United States against foreign invasion or internal sedition and treason is, coupled with the protection of our borders, the most fundamental role of the national government. Click Here for the entire statement.

ENERGY POLICY: It is in the vital national defense, financial, and sovereignty interests of the United States of America to be energy independent and to be free from foreign control or dependency in this regard. Click Here for the entire statement.

FREE TRADE: Free trade with the United States must be based upon the free market and be a reward for those nations who are developing the fundamental principles of liberty and the free market in their own nations. Click Here for the entire statement.

EDUCATION: Education and the acquisition of knowledge is the road to self improvement, one of the essential building blocks of individual liberty and of nations.  It should be kept as close to the home and family as possible in keeping with the 10th Amendment. Click Here for the entire statement.

JUDICIARY: The Judiciary of the United States is one of three equal constitutional legs of our federal government and is tasked directly with strictly interpreting law, not making it or enforcing it, either through activism or otherwise. Click Here for the entire statement.

WELFARE: Any public assistance should be based on the fundamental Judeo-Christian and moral principles of helping the fatherless, widows and the needy. The emphasis must always be on teaching people to be self reliant and work for what they get. Click Here for the entire statement.

IAMCR means, "I AM Constitutional Restoration," and conveys the principle that each individual citizen is responsible for Constitutional Restoration within their own sphere of influence. This urges ordinary citizens to become politically active in fulfilling those responsibilities at the local, state, and national level.

The Independent American Movement for Constitutional Restoration is not a political party or a PAC.

To the contrary, it is an independent effort to get conservative, constitutionally-minded, and faithful Americans all across this nation personally involved with the political process at the local, state, and national level by focusing first and foremost on fundamental, constitutional principle when voting for candidates. Through that personal responsibility and involvement, the citizens of this nation can take back the political process from the big party political powers, special interests, lobbyist groups, and growing socialistic and marxistic influences that are corrupting it and destroying the nation.

IAMCR is also a FreeRepublic Alliance effort.

The Independent American Movement for Constitutional Restoration (IAMCR) will operate on a completely volunteer basis with no donations to the "Organization", no salaries, no stipends, no dues. Individual members will give of ther own time and money to efforts they personally oversee and are involved in. Someone hoping to join an organization where they can find a salary or monetary career will not find it with this effort.

As a result the effort will not be beholden to anyone…not to political parties or candidates, not to advertisers, not to special interests, not to lobbyists, not to anyone except the individual members who will make whatever contributions necessary at the local, state, and national level that they can afford in time and treasure for those efforts they are personally involved with.

Simply stated, our own liberty and the process by which we vouchsafe it through the Constitution must be worth the time and effort of us as individual citizens. We believe it is, and we believe that when given the opportunity, American citizens all over this nation, by the millions will prove this theory. It is past time that we the people spent our own time and money on those efforts we believe will make a difference, and not give it to someone else to do it for us.




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