Economic Collapse – Masquerading as Gov’t the I R S Corporation is Out of Money

Most people have no idea that the Federal Reserve is not a part of the Government of America.  The same folks do not know that the I R S is not a part of the Government of America.  Fraud and Theft has been what has kept the I R S and the Federal Reserve going, but not for much longer.

George Orwell said that the Truth is a Revolutionary Act.  6 Videos about the I R S are a part of this article.  Take a look at the evidence.  Tell your friends to take a look at these videos.  The I R S is not a legal Corporation.  The I R S was never properly ratified.  Aaron Russo's videos will lay out the truth, clearly for you and your friends.

Aaron Russo
Thur  Sept 2, 2010
Subject; Corporations Masquerading as Government are Out of Money   


The IRS is illegal the Corporation knows it but they don’t care. There have been numerous cases that the Corporation have lost but no one will talk about it, It seems that it was never ratified they just lied about it and as usual no one looked into it or checked it out if you want to you can see a full length video on it. It was made by Aaron Russo it is about two hours long. I watched it on the pc and then bought the DVD so I could watch it again. I have sent it out to a lot of people and to everyone on my email list. It was an eye opener.


Here are two more that go with the other video:

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