Election Fraud 2010 – Diebold Changing Your Votes

Wed  Sept 29, 2010
Subject: Diebold Flipping the Votes


You may have noticed there has been an upsurge in “Tea Party” related candidates as well as current US Congressmen turning away from their traditional party lines. THIS IS ALL PART OF THE PLAN!! The US Congress holds the key to ending the reign of the banking cabal as they can remove the Federal Reserve and end the issuance of fiat money with the stroke of a pen.

The Good Guys know this and will make sure that “We The People” have a majority in Congress at the time of the final collapse. That means between now and November 2nd expect a huge push by the Good Guys to promote candidates that support neither party line but rather the US Constitution.
So keeping this in mind I ran a few scenarios through my head and came up with these “watch for” type events over the next 36 days:
1) The best way to remove currently sitting elected officials is to have a very weak economy. I expect the Good Guys to kick in the computer programs that drive the Dow down with force within the next few weeks.
2) Watch for scandals and revelations about currently sitting Congressmen. Surely there are enough skeletons in the closet for EVERY ONE of them to be on the defensive come November!
3) Take control of computer election rigging operations. The rigged election scam has gone on long enough in our “Land of the Free”. Either the Good Guys will take over the rigging operations or they will remove computer voting machines that are easily rigged:
And the big one we’ve all been waiting for….
4) Expose the long term manipulation of Gold and Silver markets implicating both those in Congress as well as their Bankster accomplices!
These steps are well within the current ability of the Good Guys and if they are taken you can be sure that there will be a complete revamp of our Congressional Representatives and we will be prepared for the final destruction of the fiat money system.
Does that sound like too big of an agenda in such a short time?
Let’s watch and see what happens.

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