Economic Collapse – Communist 3rd World America

Chris Hedges
Sat  Oct 9, 2010
Subject: Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing




"A global banking cartel controls domestic political policy in this country and has become a crisis beyond sustainability.  As other countries around the world experience the same deliberate manipulation of their national well being at the hands of the cartel creating economic turmoil and collapse some are experiencing civil unrest, rioting and violence. The main reason we have not as yet seen that here is our social safety net programs. Currently approximately 52 million Americans are receiving life-sustaining assistance from government programs such as food stamps, unemployment benefits, Medicaid and Medicare. As a result the safety net system has now been drained of all reserve resources and is itself not sustainable under the current economic and political conditions.
Today an astronomical number of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck.  77% of Americans are one setback away from destruction and the necessity to rely on government assistance for survival. This is no accident nor is it simply ineptitude by the current political administration. Total collapse is necessary to the “Fundamental Transformation” of America to a third world style Socio Communist state. There are no accidents in politics. As FDR said, nothing happens in politics without a reason. The current administration is not spending us into oblivion because they really believe you can spend your way out of debt. They are private citizens just like the rest of us and they know full well what happens when you write checks on a zero balance; the only difference being that you go to jail while they either get re-elected or just move on with the spoils of theft at your expense and live out their lives in comfort.  If those in power in Washington were that stupid how did they ever get out of high school much less elected to public office? I know our educational system is abysmal and that for generations our children have been taught the opposite of personal responsibility but I’m pretty sure math is still math and they are not taught that something from nothing equals a positive outcome.
Thus far the ruling elite, which are not American, have maintained power by deceiving the masses via mainstream media propaganda. It has been so successful that many Americans will not even entertain the idea that something can be true unless they see or hear it on mainstream news. It’s not until the majority of the population begin to take direct hits on their own personal standard of living that the propaganda system starts to collapse. At this point illusion becomes stark reality and people “wake up” to the enormous scam that has taken them for utter fools."

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