Barry Soetoro – Baby Killings Must Stop – Send Missy Smith to D C

Barry Soetoro – Baby Killings Must Stop – Send Missy Smith to D C

President Obama has been an advocate for Partial Birth Abortions.  Too many people in Washington D C say they believe in women's choice, just a fancy name for Baby Killing.

Missy Reilly Smith 
Tue  Oct 12, 2010
Subject:  Missy Smith Speaks for Aborted Babies

Dear Pro-life Friend,

** Missy's Letter **

Missy SmithWell, the day has arrived that we have all been waiting for! It's been 38 long years of media blackout on the issue of legalized child killing. I am running for Congress in Washington D.C. with the express purpose of running political ads on tv of graphic pictures of healthy and dead babies.

As Father Frank Pavone, the most famous pro-life priest in the world, has said, "America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"!

So here I am, Missy "Reilly" Smith, in "the belly of the beast," Washington D.C. on the ballot running against big government, pro-child killing, same sex marriage incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton.

The two ads I have made for my campaign are up on my website and they are jolting! Watch them and tell me what you think. And then tell everyone you know to dig deep into their pockets and give until it hurts, as Mother Teresa would say.

We know these ads will save babies and get the dialogue started that is so needed. No one can see these ads and not realize that abortion is murder.

Tell everyone that we have a small window of opportunity in the next 22 days and not a moment more. Once the election is over the possibility to run these ads is over.

We must rise and strike now! I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing opportunity to change history and show the horror of legalized child killing.

God bless this chance we have to show the truth in our nation's capitol where Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Norton all support and promote legalized child killing.

Pass this information on to others. Time is of the essence!

God bless you,
Missy "Reilly" Smith
Candidate for Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.


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2 Responses to “Barry Soetoro – Baby Killings Must Stop – Send Missy Smith to D C”

  1. Mother of two says:

    How dare you accuse Obama pelosi and Reid of being pro-abortion! None of them support it personally, but they must uphold the law. And what’s with the Barry Soetoro? You are so disrespectful it’s pitiful. How desperate you must be. My children were traumatized by your ad – it wasn’t blocked by the v chip. You are a thoughtless selfish person to subject us to that during family time. Can’t we leave our children alone to watch tv without being subjected to this graphic horror?

    • RJ says:

      Obama has promoted Partial Birth Abortion.

      Within the language of this Obamacare government funds may pay for abortions.

      What have you been drinking lately?

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