CIA Drug Trafficing – Sandlin in the Pants

CIA Drug Trafficing – Sandlin in the Pants

It appears that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has turned the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian People and other American Indians on Reservations into Federal Drug Operations.  Lame Cherry claims that some indians are also stuffing ballot boxes. 

Lame Cherry
Sun  Oct 10, 2010
Subject: BIA Crimes on Indian Reservations

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sandlin in the Pants

"I have written of my best friend in school was a Cheyenne River Sioux Indian, who went back to the reservation and with his wife committed suicide.
I have lived among Indians of various sorts for most of my life. I have a great empathy for them and as great of understanding that they in majority are their own worst enemies.

If you listen to the res talk, you would be shocked that the same American hating rhetoric funded by the cartels in Mexico, telling Mexicans that America is their's to pillage, is hateful and a cancer which is consuming the entire Indian peoples.

If you are certain that blacks as a community are used to funnel mass vote buying fraud for Democrats, that issue is as profound on the reservation systems of America.

I will focus on the Daschle reservations in South Dakota as the Sioux are notorious vote sellers and ballot box stuffers.

Sen. Tim Johnson, Democrat of South Dakota "put himself over the hump" by a 4 am ballot box which showed up from the Sioux Indians to steal the election from John Thune.

The reservation systems in America are now the base of federal drug operations. I will repeat that as your mind reels to that, but the reservations in these United States manufacture drugs such as meth and are protected by federal police and the entire cartel is cut in on the distribution.

All of this is accomplished by political whores like Stephanie Herseth Sandlin or in her Sioux name, Sandlin in the Pants. The entire Indian family structure is destroyed by the BIA or Bureau of Indian Affairs which has been dumping millions of dollars into this socialist crooked system, pumping booze and dope into Indians, and corrupt officials taking graft from whores like Stephie Sandlin, produce a doped out populace, which bites on American hating rhetoric and which votes Democrat, Democrat and Democrat.

I met a very Patriotic Indian in my vast experiences in Bruce Whelen of South Dakota. The reason I bring up Mr. Whelen is he is a Republican Conservative, who ran against Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Mr. Whelen uncovered the often quoted crimes of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in election tampering in South Dakota, but the press both Dakota and national wanted no part of it. They literally covered up Sandlin's felonies.

Mr. Whelen pleaded for Sioux votes, and the press on the res and the leaders who are all Democrat would not even give him the time of day. If you think B. Hussein Obama's 91% support among blacks is high, the Marxist Indians of America vote at 99% for whores like Stephie Sandlin.

As this blog exposed, Herseth Sandlin was giving millions of dollars to the Sioux, just like in your state your Democrats are funneling millions of dollars for the most ludicrous of projects.

Sandlin's choices in budget were for monitoring the growing of grass on the plains to a half a million dollars for Sioux not to commit suicide.

If the Sioux are interested in like all American Indians in not committing suicide, the first thing they should do is stop voting for Democrats like Sandlin.

The reservations are now in Obama policy become Mexican refugee centers where Mexicans are now literally breeding native peoples out of existence and becoming a Mexican reservation system.

This can only be happening by the open border policies of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and the entire Pelosi Democratic establishment.

The hatred of Indians for America always culminates in Custer hatred, and the oddities of Obama professors who never mention that George Custer saved the various southern Indian tribes and the only reason he was at the Little Big Horn was because the Crow Indians begged the government to stop the Sioux from terrorizing the peaceful Crows.

Such facts though never matter as election thieves like Al Franken do the tour of the reservations, and then dump more money into an out of control crime and family imploding system, all run by the most despicable predators in the world. Namely Democrats, those companies who get the lions share of the Indian rations and those Obama donors who get the contracts when Stephie Sandlin "improves electronic hook ups" in South Dakota at over a million dollars.

Do you think Sioux get the contracts? Do you think Sioux are even employed? All those multi million dollar contracts on the reservations are all Democratic donors kicking money back to Democrats, and as no one ever checks on the shoddy work, America never gets it's money's worth.

This all stems from Obama "Indians are International Citizens" law he pushed, which was aimed at Hawaiians as another reservation measure to funnel money into Democrats and weaken the state of Hawaii into becoming another Obama feudal system.

Only this blog has covered any of this in attempting to protect Indians, but as it is not a glamorous issue, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Tim Johnson in South Dakota are carrying on the loathsome rapine of the reservations that the sutlers did in Custer's time in selling the Indians guns, booze and blankets before the government sent in Soldiers to kill them, to cover up the crimes.

The crimes are casinos, illegal drugs, Mexicans and racism of Indians against non Indians. If you ever have the misfortune to work at a casino owned by Indians, you will soon find out what racism is as an American………the same holds true for the horrid racism condoned in Indian schools in calling other races hate filled names.

The reservation system is a system of vote buying and breeding a people who hate America. I happened to catch a satellite feed of a Sioux Miss South Dakota who was at a pageant and another Indian gal came up to her all excited, but the Miss South Dakota replied to the "like Indian statement" with, "Yeah but what kind of Indian as if it was before we would be at war and kill you".

In case you need that repeated, a modern Democrat voting Sioux's first mindset was somewhere back in 1876 in feuding, genocidal warfare.

Would you ever think Michelle Malkin would say to another Asian, "Yes but if it was 1320 I would kill you as we were at war"?

Of course not, but this is the Sandlin mentality of herding these American Indians into voting blocks of "us" against "them", all to keep Indians on the reservation and selling their votes to the very vultures destroying their families and futures.

Of course one gets blovenous bone heads like Rush Limbaugh who spout off about George Custer in ignorance as much as his appearing in cartoons depicting George W. Bush as a sucker sucking chimp while Limbaugh flies as an eagle.

All of this keeps feeding into the stereotype that Indians are some doltish victims who can't care for themselves, when they in murderous warfare did pretty well for hundreds of years.

It was Bill Clinton during his tenure who stole a fortune from Indians in bribes he extorted from them. It is election thieves like Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who is with B. Hussein Obama, depriving Indians of their American rights and in laws turning them into 3rd world self determination types to be exploited by the international cartels.

America has huge Obama problems, but the American Indian is a festering sore which is getting more cancerous every year. Does America really want Indians turned into Mexicans by their being bred out of existence? Does America really want the reservations as a giant meth lab? Does America really want the reservations a casino mafia system?

Does America really want the reservations used as a criminal vote fraud operation for Democrats?

This has gone on for far too long in Indians being cut out and used by Democrats to the Indians complete suicidal end.

Whether the Sioux like it or not, even Sitting Bull got a job and worked for the Wild West Show employed by Buffalo Bill.

Sitting Bull gave away most of his money to hard ship cases, and ended up executed as he would not leave the deadly past of terrorism behind.

Work is what Indians need and some are trying very hard to break through, but when they try to grow hemp for rope like Canadians do, the fabric industry which installed that law banning hemp farming for their own materials, destroys an Indian farmer from making a living, as West River South Dakota is a dry hole which not much will grow.

The same is true for the Indians of Minnesota in their tree and lake covered lands to the sand covered lands of the Navajo. The Indians got the marginal land, were attempted to be Americanized, and those who did left the reservation and those who failed ended up in an Obama South Side slum where community organizers gather their votes for Democrats.

The very system of the reservation meant to protect Indians is now the system which is being used to wipe them out.

Those are the facts and the cigar store squaw (yes I use that term knowing exactly what that term means) is that political whore Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.
Mrs. Sandlin should be brought up on human rights charges for her part in destroying the Sioux in killing them softly for votes.

Perhaps when Obama is hauled off in indictments, Karl Rove's pixie in Stephanie Herseth Sandlin will face her indictments for her numerous crimes against the unborn and against the living Sioux."


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