Republic of the united States – Obama in Dishonor – with Kelby

Republic of the united States – Obama in Dishonor – with Kelby

You can continue sending lawyers to D C or you can jump on board with the Republic.  By design these foreign corporations that has been masquerading as government are collapsing.  It may appear that America is collapsing, but the Evil Empire and the people behind it will answer for their crimes against America.

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed Oct 13, 2010
Subject: God is Looking for the Righteous in America 

   Kelby Smith shared many details about violators of the Law are being arrested.  Just 2 days ago 4 Homeland Security officials were arrested.  In Alabama so-called lawmakers were arrested for their crimes.  In the Congress in D C over 160 people have been stealing from us.  At  you can participate in the Stand for God in America.   

   We are about to see some major changes in America.   

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