Restored America – How Great Thou Art by Alan Jackson

Restored America – How Great Thou Art by Alan Jackson

It's important that we remember who we are and where we came from.  America is a Promised Land, with a dual promise between God and ourselves.  When we put God first and serve HIm then America will be a Land of Liberty.

Alan Jackson
Thur  Oct 14, 2010
Subject: Open My Eyes Lord – America is the Promised Land  

This is beautiful !!!   If you have a speaker on your computer use it ok.  (First click on the site watch and listen .  I know others would love to hear and see this so send it out .   Amazing!!!!!!    A Real Blessing!


May have to play twice. Once to listen and once to read. Goose Bump
time.  Even if you aren't a country music fan I think you'll agree that Alan
Jackson 's rendition of this hymn is beautiful as is the slide show
reminding us of the reason this country became the greatest nation in
the history of mankind.   It also reminds us that if we don't return
to God we will lose it all.










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