Freemason Maniacs – Universal Church NWO – Kathy Rubio interview

Freemason Maniacs – Universal Church NWO – Kathy Rubio interview

Do you know who your minister works for?  Do you know where your pastor goes at night?  Bohemian Groves are scattered all over America.  People you know and trust are involved with satanic worship and the destruction of America.


Robert Hender " R J "
Fri, Oct 1, 2010  
Subject: Barry Soetoro and Hillary Freemason Churches 

   I get surprised every day on th radio at  Today Kathy Rubio disclosed a list of Pastors and Ministers that are Freemasons in America.  Barry and Hillary have been telling the churches to push their Fascist Policies from the pulpit. 

   Who does your pastor work for?  Below are the links to the 2 hour interview today with R J and Kathy Rubio. 

   Can you feel the love between the churches?  Won't it we a wonderful world with Glenn Beck leading the parade of Church Leaders and Ministers who hold hands are are singing all together? 

   Bohemian Groves are scattered all over America and in other nations.  If you knew which preachers were connected to the CFR and the Illuminati it may surprise you.  Maybe you don't want to know. 

   The Anti Christ is alive now and walking the earth. 

   Top – Down government and church isn't working any more.  Many people are now forced to take their worship into their homes in order to be true to God and their convictions. 

   Have you heard of Astana, the new Capitol of the Anti Christ? 

   Would you believe that demons walk among us?  Are aliens from other planets or from another dimension that has been opened so that " reptilians, " may walk all around us? 

   It is time that we get back in touch with God, ourselves.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,    R J

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