NWO – Demons Close Encounter of the 4th Kind

NWO – Demons Close Encounter of the 4th Kind

Demons have been masquerading as Aliens.  A flood of demons may be released soon upon humanity.  Scientists have been messing with our DNA to create a new Alien – Demon race with a NWO agenda.  Who would believe any of this?  Are you paying attention yet?

Robert Hender " R J "  
Fri  Oct 15, 2010
Subject: Alien Demons are Coming

   Today Kathy Rubio discussed Aliens and UFO's with me on the radio www.republicbroadcasting.org and she says that demons are masquerading as little green men or reptilians, who walk among us. 

   Could the Illuminati be preparing a Demon War against us?  Why is all of this Alien – UFO stuff going public all of the sudden.  If TPTB didn't want this information released to the public, it would not be coming out. 

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