Aliens Exist – UFO Footage over New York City on Oct 13

Aliens Exist – UFO Footage over New York City on Oct 13

Could beings from other planets plan to save the earth?  Take a look at this actual ABC News footage from last week and tell me what those 3 objects were in the sky?  It seems like more of these sights are taking place, recently.

Stanley Fulham
Sat  Oct 15, 2010
Subject: First Step by Off Worlders – Saving Earth 

Exclusive New York City "UFO" Footage

Here is a follow up, an interview with the man, Stanley Fulham, that told us there would
be such an event, though you also have to understand the purpose (see notes)…
You may not believe earth’s pollution is growing towards an extinction level.
If it isn’t and if you believe earth will naturally correct itself without better humane choices,
then Stanley’s message and experiences might not hold water.
If you do not believe what people tell you, nor believe anything you read (or all that you read)
at least consider this along with all of the other stories/experiences family/friends share with you,
because one day, the information could be invaluable.
I fear no risk in telling Stanley’s experiences,
because I don’t fear sharing my own adventures.  People share
because knowledge is more than powerful, it aids humanity.
Where would we be without communication…

Stanley Fulham interviewed by George Noory,
Coast to Coast Am,  midnight to 4am. Fri-Sat. 10.15-16 (only 1st hr)

Stanley’s sourcehis beginning UFO exposure started with military sightings
(was a prisoner of war, first sighting was July 1944 in Poland)
Then Stanley decided to research further and was put in touch with a transender’s spiritual group,
though initially hesitant, he’s been talking to them for 12 years.  And, Stanley added he has studied religion and philosophy, and said Jesus has been misquoted.
(link posted at CTC)

notes –

— The ufo/alien event on 10.13.2010 over New York was the beginning of exposure,
supposedly to slowly acclimate the public of their existence.  They chose New York
because the populace is blasé, would not freak out.  So, one step at a time.
Their aim is to fix the pollution issue, to save the planet and so they will be
continuously showing up, acclimating the populace.
By 2015, they are going to clean up the planet in a serious way, though 2014, they plan to address the UN. Supposedly the CO2 is rising towards a critical level of 22% (presently at 9%), and they want to stop it from happening.  The Pleiadians (know English) have monitored the earth for millions of years.  They don’t want extinct to occur even though other planets have died off, with no plants nor people left…

“Why save Earth”, inquires George,
 “Because Earth is special”, replies Stanley.
They are determined to save earth because it is unique with it’s emotional energy.  The greys (the brilliant ones, IQ’s 300-400, that abduct people) although lacking emotion are fascinated with the yelling, crying, screaming people at sports events.  They monitor the human events, over 300 million watched the past winter Olympics.  They believe there is hope for mankind’s spirituality.

Going back to the beginning, we are a prison planet in that, some 100,000 years ago,
the non desirables (a species Stanley did not name) were cast off to this planet and mated with humans.

Presidents Truman and Roosevelt were approached, deals made with them, thus, turning a blind eye to the human abductions so experiments could be done.

Stanley says it is time for the president to ask for the technology to stop the pollution, and stop the abductions.

A caller of the show inquired why NORAD did not intervene with the New York event,
Stanley didn’t have an answer…
(my comment – maybe the military knows the agenda, whatever it may be
Or the “cloaked” their initial location)

Additional info I had gathered previously to Oct 13.


The aliens are coming Oct. 13

“Don't freak out. Get your cameras ready and put on your tin hats. On Oct. 13, four short weeks from now, alien spacecraft will hover over all major cities in the world to warn us humans against further polluting the planet with carbon dioxide.

Or so says a former NORAD <>  official, Stanley Fulham, who's written a book about it called Challenges of Change <>

Vid – interview with Stanley Fulham

Challenges Of Change – Stanley A. Fulham (Part 1)

Challenges Of Change – Stanley A. Fulham (Part 2)

. . .

I want to add, I believe people are also acclimated through media.
 In particular, there is a new TV show – The Event – Ironically the show has a black president.

And, once again, if you share/forward my notes, leave out my name/email.
I don’t want to deal with viruses, spam etc.
Think of this as a personal letter to you, because it is.  Thank you.

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