Economic Collapse – Fraudclosure $45.5 Trillion in Theft

Economic Collapse – Fraudclosure $45.5 Trillion in Theft

This Foreclosure Fraud is about to rock America.  Millions of families are being thrown to the curb by banks who have already made their profits in the Mortgage Maze.  It's not just Sub Prime Loans that are the problem. 

Bix Weir
Sun  Oct 17, 2010
Subject: Fraudclosure About to Destroy America   

Where is the Original Promosory Note?  Where is the Original Deed of Trust? This could be the straw that breaks the financial camel's back.  This 14 minute video exposes some of the true nature of the mortgage fraud crisis. 



When the Power of Love overcomes Love of Power… We enjoy Peace… a World in Peace.  America the Beautiful with wings of power and protection she will fly into the furture and the whole world will look up to her for faith, hope and charity.  Let God Bless AMERICA

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