2012 – Aliens Exist and There are Good Aliens and Bad Aliens

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2012 – Aliens Exist and there are Good Aliens and Bad Aliens

Between now and December 2012 many events will be played out before us.  TPTB are increasing their implementation of their New World Disorder.  Some people think there are good aliens and bad aliens.  How would we tell the difference?

Stan Deyo
Fri  Oct 22, 2012
Subject: NWO Plans are Moving Quickly


 My notes –

George Noory interviews Stan Deyo – Coast to Coast AM – 10.21

— Stan held top military clearances, worked for FBI, part of an exclusive black project
 specializing in flying saucer technology and lectures covering the subject matter per the link –
Which includes planet X and the Hopi preparing for extreme solar activity.  

A quote from the link –

“Deyo shared his belief that the New World Order is stepping up its plans, and that after America's infrastructure fails, the country will be attacked by a Russian/Chinese invasion.”

And Stan says, per the bible and Syria behaving pretty quiet, he believes in time,
 Syria will be a pile of rubble.

Stan’s interpretation of the alien invasion scenario –

The bad aliens come and then the good aliens will arrive to save us
(when I heard this I thought of the Fulham story )

But there is more, Stan says, since Satan is crafty, he will be offering this conflicting scenario of good verses evil aliens.  The only thing is, the good aliens will look like us, convincing the masses they are aiding us, but they really are a part of the new world order scenario.  Though because we need help we will be quick to accept the good aliens as the fix-all.  This is supposed to be the great deception fulfilling prophecy.

Stan’s conclusions drawn from translating the Book of Daniel.

Earth Changes & New Science

Stan Deyo  – website


My closing comments –

Of course life is never as cut and dried with only two choices for any given scenario, yet limitations exist.
And, if prophecy is fulfilled, where is the existence of free will?   
Though if we are beings of energy, movement affected by our environment, maybe a majority of persons are particularly influenced because they are on the same page, creating the outcome as written.  Energy comprises all things, which are constantly in motion, though the various influences, manipulations, if you will, like voice to skull technology, propaganda in various forms, as well as color, music, light, sound and space are constantly changing who we are and our environment, and yet still, at any given moment, choices are limited.  It might behoove us to be on alert expecting the unexpected of known and unknown technologies like project blue beam, satellites and chemicals, that just may be presented as one mighty major event by TPTB…   

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