Top 4 Steps to Hell – Satanic Worship In Charge in America

Top 4 Steps to Hell – Satanic Worship In Charge in America

Lame Cherry
Sat  Oct 23, 2010
Subject: The Origins of Hell

Friday, October 22, 2010

The origins of Hell

"I really would like the ability to give everyone like the Apostles and instant ability to speak Hebrew, because in that they would be able to enjoy the world play in the Bible as it is truly Inspired.

I enjoy the word slurs of history in most do not know that Hebrew actually is Sons of Eber in Hebrew and Eber are the same word, as much Anglo Saxon is Isaac's Sons.

In Jeremiah 7 verse 32, there is a remarkable word play which all are quite familiar with.

Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be called Tophet, nor the valley of the son of Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter: for they shall bury in Tophet, till there be no place.

To explain what you just read unknowingly is this.

The Valley of Hinnom was named for some noteworthy family. It lies to the southwest of Jerusalem between Mount Zion, and what would become the Mount of Offense, the place where Solomon built the temples to demonic entities for his pagan wives.

Hinnom would in King Manasseh's time the place were molech, the fire demon, to which Canaanites murdered their babies and burned them with fire was sacrificed to.

The Tophet mentioned above is the oven where the children were burned. The Hebrew though uses word play in this in changing Tophet to topet, based upon the word boset which means SHAME.

Tophet also is defined as a high place, so in it, is the high place in the valley where the oven which burned children was.

King Josiah would ban these abominations, and after the exile the returning children of Judah would begin utilizing this baby butcher valley as the place where they dumped their garbage, dead animals and criminals to be burned.

If this sounds familiar in bini hinnom or ben hinnom, you are doing Biblically very well as you recognized Jesus speaking of these fires in the New Covenant or Testament under the Greek name of Gahenna, the symbolism for the place of torment beyond Sheol which is the abode of the dead as in hades, in the dead who rejected Christ as the Key to the Father's Redemption, which is the Lake of Fire as explained in the Revelation of Jesus the Christ, where the spirits will be cast forever in torment, and where the souls and bodies of those are destroyed.

A spirit is eternal and can not be destroyed, that is why people who have sown into them God's Holy Spirit and return to satan are spiritual and will be in Gehenna tormented forever.

Compared to the immortal soul which can be destroyed by God in the Lake of Fire.

America has butchered far more children in aborticide than the Israelites ever did and consumed them in bake ovens more than Hitler ever did the Jews. Some cull like Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who stripped a moral people in South Dakota twice of their Law of Life is beyond the despicable King Manasseh.

So word play in Stephanie Whoreseth Sandlin in being the whore who rides the beast of Barack Hinsane Obama is quite in the Gileadite Americans in Biblical word play as a generational wordplay in mocking the evil so flagrantly polluting the American land.

It was fitting that God took the Valley of Hinnom which was glorified to butchering His children and turned it into the slaughter pit where all these butchers were buried when Babylon destroyed Jerusalem, leaving them unburied for the birds to eat, and then turning it into the symbol of hell which Jesus spoke of.

The symbolism is all there and America has resurrected to it's destruction the sodomite cults, sex worship, baby butchering and child abuse which damned both Israel and Judah in God to divorce them into exile.

You now know the origins of hell and you have before you the characters who have instituted the same demonic warped belief system which has brought America to God's Judgment.

The Virgin Daughter of God should not have been brought to be the whore of Obama."

nuff said.

agtG 289Y

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