Top 5 BPA Threats – FDA and EPA Approved Poison

Top 5 BPA Threats – FDA and EPA Approved Poison

Bisphenol – A is a threat to human and animal life.  BPA is mainly found in polycarbonate plastic, which is labeled with the number 7, in plastic food wrap and in the resins that coat the inside of metal cans for food. 

Lou Dobbs
Fri  Oct 22, 2010
Subject: Bisphenol-A is Destroying Our Health

Vid Rsp ~ IT GETS BETTER ~ For Who? BPA in Plastics Produce Estrogen

SherrieLeaLaird | October 17, 2010

NOT ANTI GAY…PRO HUMAN RIGHTS. BPA is making people gay. FACT.

vid response to "PROJECT~ IT GETS BETTER" that YOUTUBE is using CELEBRITIES TO PUSH Gay. Pressure in schools too we're told.……

READ LINKS. ALL ANIMAL and HUMAN life threatened!!!

All Gay and Straight Humans have the RIGHT to fresh water.
So do dolphins. Corexit is poisoning theirs.
Is it getting better, for who?

BPA in all plastics give men estrogen. PROVEN

Beware Hard Sell 'PROJECTS' from Celebrities. Bill Gates wants to 'cull' the population. Openly admitted, via bad healthcare, even if it means getting rid of heterosexuals. (Bill Gates words)

If you have been HOMO geneized…in your water and milk, you have the right to know.

Should women be force fed Testoserone?

Should men be forcefed Estrogen???

WHo is doing this.

BPA. It aint getting better!



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