The Republic is Back – Bureau of Fixing Foreclosures – Kelby interview

The Republic is Back – Bureau of Fixing Foreclosures – Kelby interview

Our signature is monetized on adhesioncon tracts that we volunteer to sign.  As subjects to corporations that have been masquerading as our government " they, " have been profitting again and again and again without informing us of their theft and fraud game.


Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Oct 20, 2010
Subject: Republic of the united States – Solving Foreclosures 

   Today Kelby from the Republic of the united States joined me to discuss progress that they have been making for us.  

   On Wed Kelby announced with R J at  that the Republic is rolling out a whole new program that may declare every mortgage as " Paid in Full. "   The new Department of Public Debt is about to open up and members of the Republic will be able to turn over their mortgages to a " Law Team, " that will work to declair these mortgages as Paid. 

   Accept 4 Value remedies may also on their way. 

   The Federal Reserve has invested about $17 Trillion into the Iraqui Dinar currency with the expectation that this currency is about to " Bust Out with Profits, " any day now.    

   The Republic is looking for volunteers to assist hundreds of thousands of people to join the Republic.  You may volunteer as a Town Hall Speaker or as a Ranger. 

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