NWO – Charity at Gun Point – Chris Kitze interview

NWO – Charity at Gun Poing – Chris Kitze interview

These days it is important that we examine what public officials do, not just what they say.  Even though we may have differeing opinions we must be able to be at peace and to show tolerance with each other.

Robert Hender " R J "
Tue  Oct 26, 2010
Subject: Muslims, House of War and the House of Peaceful Islam

   On the radio today www.republicbroadcasting.org  Chris Kitze and I covered a lot of ground with our discussion. It's nice to have the freedom to speak frankly.  Chris says that he interviewed people in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and in Egypt who claim that Obama is a Muslim for sure.  However, Chris Kitze also claims, that there are 2 houses in Islam; a house of Islam Peace and another House of War. 

   It's unfair to people when we generalize whole groups of people. 

   Overtaxation is a major problem in America.  President Obama calls it " spreading the wealth. "  It's Charity at Gun Point, really.  www.beforeitsnews.com 

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