Foreclosuregate – Lies Theft and Fraud

Foreclosuregate – Lies Theft and Fraud

Blame for the Foreclosure Fraud continues to be laid at the feet of clearks.  Evidence and Documents are being swept under the rug while the rhetoric, from the main press is working to divert our attention to the crimes against you and me. 

Matt Weidner
Fri  Oct 29, 2010
Subject: Gov't Foreclosure Fraud  

by Matt Weidner on IRS Form 938

Sometimes this all becomes a bit too overwhelming, trying to unravel
this whole foreclosure cataclysm.  This is so far beyond the simple
situation where a borrower borrows money from a bank and doesn't
pay that bank is clearly entitled to their money back.

I'm a fairly bright guy with a good education and a fair to middlin'
grasp on complex legal issues.I just boil down way complex stuff
to smaller parts and learn those complex issues piece by piece.
The problem we face in foreclosures today is no-one has any idea
who's really owed money on these mortgages, who is entitled to
collect payments on the mortgages, what government money was used
to bail out mortgages.

Sophisticated attorneys with years of complex litigation and legal
experience are perplexed by the inability of Plaintiffs to answer
the most basic questions about litigation.

Experienced circuit court judges with decades of trial court,
evidentiary and complex litigation experience have started to ask
real questions about the millions of dollars in foreclosure judgments
they're signing every day in their courtrooms to entities that they
cannot identify.

Federal judges with hundreds of years of experience are really
starting to dig into documents filed and representations made
by the parties that appear before them. There are real questions
being raised in bankruptcy courts and even bigger questions about
fraud and collusion and federal crimes at the highest levels of
American businesses.

Thrown into all these questions are some thought provoking comments
and research from a subscriber to this blog, like I said, it's a
bit beyond me now, but consider his words.

The best way to prove this mess all got dissolved is to go to
the website and look for the publication # 938 for 2006
through the present.  This is where you will see that the gain on
sale reporting etc all stopped as the securitization machine was
turned off temporarily in late 2007.

The trusts were all named and reporting until the end of 07 then
08 is missing??????

They restart the reporting in 09 but it is down to only
Ginnie/Freddie/Fannie/JPM/Citi and random trusts that have been
created. The government absolutely knows what happened yet seems
to help cover this up thinking we are too dumb to catch it.

2009 reported in 2010

2008? is missing and reverts to the 2009 file?? Don't believe
me. try it.

2007 reported in 2008

They seriously think we are that stupid. What are they hiding from
us? Maybe that the banks have committed billions upon billions
in tax evasion.  Follow what is happening in non-judicial states
and you will see the arrogance. They actually show us the blank
note endorsement from the original lender yet no recording of the
interest through the depositor to the trust. Lack of standing?

Then when they are finished stealing the house they sell the loan
from the unlawful foreclosing party(trust) that had no standing to
F/C back to the trust through a POA to the servicer and effectively
cover their tracks that the loan was never in the trust, they still
stole the investors money, and they still claimed the tax exemptions
under REMIC.

All while the Govt and IRS watch.

Look at the WAMU BK. They were found to have a 10.3 Billion dollar
tax claim filed against them that was reduced to 33M yet Chase got
to walk away with a 300 Billion dollar bank 200M in mortgages for
1.9Billion. The loans were shown to have been written down to $0
yet they still want to collect?

Along with the Pub 938 you can review Pub 550 that explains the
tax exemptions etc for the REMIC trusts.

No assignments were done as required, no "true and absolute sales
under FASB 140 were ever perfected, No standing has ever been
established for most or all of the securitization trusts.

This is the biggest RICO case on earth.

Oh, and maybe we should review who funded LPS..JPM/BOA/Wachovia
when they split off of FIS in 2008.

“Experience hath shown, that even under
the best forms of government those
entrusted with power have, in time, and
by slow operations, perverted it into
— Thomas Jefferson

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