Rapture Lies – Churches are Under God’s Judgements – K R interview

Rapture Lies – Churches are Under God's Judgement – K R interview

All kinds of Christian Believers have an opinion about the Rapture.  Will there be a Pre Tribulation Rapture?  Will the Rapture come after the Tribulation?  False Church Leaders are being discovered and removed, with the help of God.


Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Oct 29, 2010
Subject: Illumuminati NWO One World Religion

   Today Kathy Rubio joined me on the radio.  www.republicbroadcasting.org  Did you know that the Black Pope and his Jesuit Priests have taken charge of the official Pope?  The official Catholic Church is making inroads into Communist countries to help bring about 1 tent for ann faiths. 

   In America Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are doing their best to herd the masses in to 1 tent of One Religion.  We could all then sing John Lennin's songs together and live happily ever after… 

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