Republic of the u S – Who Owns this Debt? – Kelby interview

Republic of the u S – Who Owns this Debt? – Kelby interview

As members of the Republic we get to undo the contracts we have made with the UNITED STATES corporation.  A global, financial collapse is on it's way.  You need to get ready, before it all hits the fan. 

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Oct 27, 2010
Subject: Swiss Banks No Longer Taking Dollars 

   Today Kelby and I discussed the " Republic, " again on the radio.  At  you can take a look at what you can do for America. 

   Check out the website to examine a new currency that the Federal Reserve, or the people behind the Federal Reserve, are about to roll out for America.  This may imply a re-valuation of the dollar.  Right now the Swiss Banks refuse to accept dollars being wired to them. 

   Joining the Republic of the united States is just the 1st step in helping us to save America. 

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