Tim Turner – Not a Perfect Cabin/Republic

Tim Turner – Not a Perfect Cabn/Republic

On Wednesday night the 27th of October Tim Turner spoke to the audience of Republic Assemblies.  Tim spoke about a parable of 2 imperfect men who built a cabin.  We are running out of time, in America and people had better get themselves ready for the Storm that is coming.

Tim Turner
Wed  Oct 27, 2010
Subject: Tim Turner 2 Mountain Men Parable




   Every Wednesday people are able to listen to Speakers from the Republic of the united States.   On Wednesday the 27th Tim Turner spoke about a " Parable of 2 Mountain Men. "   
   The Republic always opens up with music, anthems to America.  After a prayer is offered, as we present the evening to the Creator and ask for the blessings of Jesus/God – Kelby Smith proceeds to Moderate the Call. 
   C W took his Oath of Office, as the Vice President of the Republic of the united States. 
   Kelby Smith then introduced Tim Turner as a man who loves " the people, " and as a man who sacrifices himself and his own needs for the benefit of Liberty and our Country. 
   Tim Turner spoke of his excitement for the progress he sees with the Republic.  Turner is aware of all the sacrifice that hundreds of people are making and the thousands and thousands of volunteer hours they have devoted to the cause of Liberty for America.  Our children and grandchildren will be cursed or blessed by the efforts we make now. 
   T T spoke of a Parable where there were 2 Mountain Men who set out to " settle down. "   The 1st man chose a spot in a valley and he began to build his cabin and prepare the grounds.  The 2nd man looked and looked and questioned and questioned, never settling on a place or on how to build his cabin.  The storms camd and wiped out the 2nd man, who had built no cabin at all, for he could find no perfect spot and no perfect timber to build his cabin.  The 1st man was safe from the storm, but his cabin had some holes between the logs of his home.  The ground wasn't perfect and there were a few problems here and there.  
   A Storm is about to come against America.  We are running out of time.  The corporate UNITED STATES ran out of money at the end of September.  They gave themselves a 2 month loan, but they are running out of time and money.  The stuff is about to hit the fan and we need to get ourselves ready, before the Storm Hits. 
   The Republic of the united States is like the Structure that will protect the members of the Republic.  We are not perfect. Each one of us ahve faults and weaknesses, but we're working together for the good of our country and our families. 
   Too many people continue to complain about this or that, thinking we can do thos perfectly. 
   We need to get under way with the Building Phase of the Republic. 
   Help us, Work with us or Go Away.  We don't need this nit picking and conflict by a few among the Republic. 
   The money system is about to come apart at the seems. 
   We don't have the luxury of arguing with one another. 
   We are working to Protect America from the consequences of evil activity by evil people. 
   We want to do this work in the Way that God wants it done. 
   Pray for us.  Pray for the Republic.  Pray for America. 
   Tim Turner says that he prays for us, daily. 
   Kelby Smith began to share a few things, carefully.  Much activity is going on behind the scenes for the benefit of the Republic, but they are sensitive enough that they can not share us yet the details of these efforts. 
   We hve re-inhabited the Republics.  This work is now done. 
   More media channels will be opening up to the Republic very soon. 
   Many new, exciting things are about to be announced. 
   All over the world " the Republic of the united States, " is recognized. 
   Kelby then began taking calls and answering questions… 

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