Top 2 Churches – Jesuit Priests Leading Us to Hell – D C interview

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Top 2 Churches – Jesuit Priests Leading Us to Hell – D C interview

Satanic Worship, Human Sacrifice, Blood Oaths, Secret Societies are all a part of the elite few who are leading the world to hell.  Many of these TPTB are people we look up to, are people we may esteem in their political office or in their religious status.

Robert Hender " R J " 
Fri  Oct 29, 2010 
Subject:  New Hitler Inquisition  

   Dave Cleveland joined me today, on the radio  On Wed November 3rd the Federal Reserve claim they may be making a special announcement.  Why is Obama taking off for 11 days after the elections?  Why is more military buildup taking place around Iran? 

   As we get ready, we had better get our supply of Silver too.  Paul  ph 339 – 952 – 0187  Tell him R J sent you.

   In our culture we have been lying to our children for too long.  There is no Santa Claus.  The President is not in charge, in the White House.  The Jesuit Priests and their Black Pope is in charge of the official Pope… 

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  1. tergium helotov November 18, 2012 at 7:18 AM

    the jesuits were founded by a jew.the vatican has been taken over by jews and has been since more than a few popes were jews.jews infest the sdtate department,they sit on the congressional and seante panekls that have power.they have filled the presidential cabinets since wilson.the federal resertve was doen by jews.jewss did russia and eastern europe also germany america brirtain france and all european countries of western culture.if you cant say jew then dont say jesuit.jews ahve been behind every malignant apspect of american cultural debasement and strife amongst themselves.illuminnati was founded by jews, freemasoinry is a recruiting room the jews use for useful ifdiots to be used and the talmud, then read what theyt say themselves about their dreamed jew world order.

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