Barry Soetoro – Why is Obama Leaving USA? Shades of 9/11

Barry Soetoro – Why is Obama Leaving USA?  Shades of 9/11

If Obama plans on leaving America then perhaps he should go alone, with his wife and children.  If President Obama is aware of some False Flag for New York then maybe he ought to defend America rather than run away.

Tom Gambill
Nov 4, 2010
Subject: Nov 6th False Flag Warning


" The Simpson's,  "  program " To Surveil With Love. "  Was this a warning about a False Flag event for New York  Nov 6th?

A youtuber has made a prediction for a false-flag attack (explosive device/nuke) on November 6.  He is taking it from an episode of “The Simpsons”, wherein an explosion is seen and a giant clock lands by a sleeping Homer Simpson.  The clock shows the large hand on 11 and the small hand on 6. 
He also shows that the Simpsons 200th episode in 1997 showed a magazine cover which shows NEW YORK, $9, next to a drawing of the twin towers, giving a clear 911 sign with the words NEW YORK above. 
I strongly suggest (if possible) you watch this video, and that you do it asap.  If it IS a plot, then exposure could be the only means of prevention.  I am sending this to only serious minded people whom are aware of FF’s and the evil elites who plot against humanity.  If I don’t receive reason from any of these few recipients, then I will immediately forward this to as many people and social networks as possible. 


Subject: Fw: Nov6 ff- Response From To:
Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010, 5:07 PM

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