Silver Answers – Economic Slow Bleeding – Bob Chapman interview

Silver Answers – Economic Slow Bleeding – Bob Chapman interview

The new Fed Announcement that was delivered on Wed November 3rd conveys nothing new at all.  By design TPTB are causing the complete collapse of the American economy.

Robert Hender " R J "
Thur  Nov 4, 2010
Subject: Silver Saves Americans

   Bob Chapman joined me on the radio today  as we discussed the recent move by the Federal Reserve to buy more Treasury Bonds.  QE2 is the slow bleeding of the American dollar, until it's worth less, " worthless. "   New money is waiting in the wings, by the people who own the Federal Reserve.

   The men who have been manipulating the gold and silver markets may see jail time.  An 18 month fight has been going on and " gold won. "  From among the main 12 owners of the Federal Reserve JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have been creating the " inside information. " 

   Russia, China and India are demanding that real gold backs our money.  Take a look at  In order to save ourselves financially people need to invest in precious metals.  You could reach the Silver Expert Paul Drockton by sending an email to  or call Paul at ph 330-952-0187.  Tell him R J sent you.  We are running out of time, to prepare before it all hits the fan.  It is time to act, now!  




 Road to Roota by Bix Weir article is below… 

I have been asked, by a power much greater than myself, to direct Road to Roota subscribers to a series of articles I’ve written over the past year entitled Conversations With God about Gold & Silver. This is for you “Newbies” to get acquainted with and refresh you “Seasoned Road Warriors” on this series as Part III is now in the works!






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