Chem Trail Evidence – What in the World Are They Spraying

Chem Trail Evidence – What in the World Are They Spraying

Can you tell the difference between contrails and chem trails?  Military jets are laying poisonous clouds above the skies of Cities all over the world.  Could chem trails be sprayed in the air in order to manipulate the weather?

Michael J Murphy
Thur  Nov 4, 2010
Subject: Chem Trail Murder 

By Michael J. Murphy
03 March, 2010

“What would you say if you were told that airplanes were regularly spraying toxic aerosols in the skies above every major region of the world? That is exactly what a group of protestors were claiming outside of the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting that was held in San Diego from February 18-22. However, inside the convention center was a different story. The scientists gathered to discuss the “plausibility” of implementing various Geo-engineering campaigns throughout the world, all under the guise that the Earth has a man-made global warming problem that can be solved in-part by spraying aerosol aluminum and other particles into the sky to block the sun. When these scientists were asked about the possibility of existing aerosol programs; they stated that no aerosol spraying programs have been implemented to date. A little confused? Why would protestors gather outside of a meeting making claims that world-wide aerosol programs were under way if scientist were only now discussing the possibility of implementing these programs? Could it be that one of these groups is being deceived?”

Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying?

Friday, Oct 8th, 2010


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