Top 10 Phases to WW3 – Skousen Monnett Warnings

Top 10 Phases to WW3 – Skousen Monnett Warnings

On October 10th Dr Jack Monnett and Joel Skousen spoke to a Mormon audience about the coming nuclear strikes against the USA.  China and Russia are poised to strike America.  NWO thugs plan on implementing their Global Dominance upon the heels of these conflicts.

Joel Skousen & Jack Monnett
Thur  Nov 4, 2010
Subject: Martial Law and the Coming WW3   

Jack Monnett and Joel Skousen spoke on October 10th, 2007 in Orem, Utah. They spoke about various issues facing us today: Secret Combinations, education, temporal and spiritual preparedness, physical health etc. Joel Skousen is a political scientist. Jack Monnett, PhD, is author of "Awakening to Our Awful Situation".

Bees: man's best friend, provider and protector Move over, Rover – this is the age of the sniffer bee. Reese Halter reports on a marvel of nature that has a crucial part to play in our diet, health and security…Three bees are placed inside a shoe box-sized "sniffer box". Air is sucked in via tubes and wafted gently over the bees. If they detect explosives or narcotics they all stick out their tongues, sending an alarm to the operator…Honey bees are already being used as early detectors of lung and skin cancers, diabetes and TB, as well as to monitor fertility cycles and confirm pregnancies. Patients breathe into a glass diagnostic tool; when the trained bees detect any of the diseases or hormones, they move towards the tubes that lead closer to the breath.

The new information comes in the form of some date changes, and two significant alterations to the release language period. First, the date changes.
The emotional tension level plateau is has grown. It had been previously forecast to start on the 8th, but now shows as beginning on November 5, 2010, at approximately 2:30 PM Pacific Coast Time (UTC + 8). Further, the plateau of building emotional tension now extends out further to the 14th of November instead of the 11th. This is the last building tension to accrue. Expect the level to stay maddeningly the same until the breaking point.
Repeat. The 'break' in the tension values that indicates the tipping point after which we (the planet of humans) is into emotional release language starts on November 14th at 6:50AM Pacific Coast Time (UTC + 8). Repeat – Tipping point starts on 11-14-2010.

Louisiana Cancer Rates Outpace The Nation Tell me, how does one get paid by BP 5 or 10 years down the road when they come up with Lupus, MS or cancer? Answer. They don't. 

Did UN Troops Infect Haiti With Cholera?

US to spend 500 million dollars on embassy in Afghanistan

Tracking Every Pill, Every Piece Of Food – The Internet Of Things Cometh

Worried about aluminum in your body?
As aluminum is altered and overused, it builds up in our body tissues and organs, leading to aluminum toxicity. This can lead to many troublesome conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, liver and skin diseases, gastrointestinal trouble, heartburn, learning disorders and disabilities, and fatigue. Read More…

Homeland Security to 'Regionalize' Emergency Supplies Over Next 90 Days In a previous report we brought our readers a view of how the U.S. government has been preparing for emergencies and disasters for decades.


US Federal Reserve's Latest Bubble Threatens Mayhem What happens, as seems more likely, if there isn't one? The answer is that an awful lot of people are going to lose an awful lot of money.
GOP Likely to Urge Obama Officials Not to Shred Documents Republicans are likely to urge the Obama administration not to shred documents as they transition to the House majority.

Sugar Soars to 30-Year High As Supply Fears Grow The price of sugar has jumped to a 30-year high as the Brazilian harvest has tailed off sharply, hardening expectations of a shortage.

Election Day Fraud Found All Over US! During each election cycle, news stories emerge of voter irregularities and ballot malfunctions, prompting volunteer organizations to fight what they say is rampant fraud, while many authorities and other organizations dismiss the charges as unfounded.

Costa Mesa Resolution to Ban Dental Mercury Fillings – Part 3

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