Barry Soetoro NWO Plan – Hitler Plan on Replay

Barry Soetoro NWO Plan – Hitler Plan on Replay 

Have you been connecting the dots, of the current events that we see unfolding every day?  The 20th Century Fox people helped Hitler pursuade Germans to follow Hitler, like a Pied Piper. 

Tom Gambill
Sun  Nov 7, 2010
Subject: Hitler Worked for the Vatican

   This YouTube video may connect some dots for you.  Before Hitler rose to power, in Germany their whole economy collapsed.  Hitler was supposed to be the Savior of the Homeland.  What do you think is coming for America?  Do you see the 4th Reich showing up yet?

   Have you acquired some Silver yet?  You may need it, to help survive the collapse of the dollar.  ph 330 – 952 – 0187  Tell him that " R J, " sent you.  


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