Economic Collapse – Silver Prices on their Way to $1,850

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Economic Collapse – Silver Prices on their way to $1,850 

Prices on gold and silver have been supressed, on purpose.  Last year over 140 banks were closed down and so far this year 143 banks have been closed.  U S Banks are failing faster than ever.       Have you been acquiring your silver yet?  Call 330 – 952 – 0187 tell Paul that R J sent you…   

I thought you would appreciate this Video Clip.
This YouTube video connects the dots between the Vatican and Hitler. This may be coming for America.
Some people don't want to believe the truth. These folks may think that Denial is Safer.
This Video Clip may Blow You Away!
Robert Hender " R J, " is still in need of help with PayPal does not work at the site. Donations are needed, for this effort. Robert Hender P O Box 192 Manti, UT 84642
(SKULL & BONES) George W Bush today reveals that his mother had a miscarriage when he was a teenager and showed him the foetus in a jar.
VIDEO: Blue-Colored UFO in Centreville
CENTREVILLE, Va. – Some people in Centreville are talking about a bright blue light spotted moving in the sky Wednesday night. But no one seems to have an explanation for this unidentified flying object.

Foreclosure Crisis Has Wide-Reaching Effects
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As confusing as the foreclosure crisis is for most people, experts say it's important to understand what is going on because it affects everyone. Banks are repossessing homes at a record rate. Instead of working with homeowners to lower their monthly mortgage rates, some banks are kicking them out of their houses. Some experts say what the banks are doing is illegal.

Run, Silver, Run!!
Please remember where silver was in 1940: 34 cents. Please note where it went (for most people) in 1980: 25 dollars. To extrapolate from the low of roughly 4 dollars around 2000, this will take silver to somewhere around 250-300 dollars an ounce, which, by the way, is the inflation adjusted price for silver between 1400 and 1850, per the work of Mark Lundeen. It was only in the twentieth century that you had such insanely cheap silver, and I don’t think the facts of mining and resource scarcity will justify cheap silver going forward.


Basically, The "Good" Jobs Report Was a Flat Out Lie David Rosenberg of Gluskin-Sheff is the latest to blast holes in Friday's supposedly "good" jobs report. Basically, he thinks the number was a total lie, and that the household survey, which showed continued deterioration, represented the truth.



Here's the Massive Commodities Surge About to Send Food Prices Sky High Throughout 2010, commodities prices have been surging The reason: some say more easy money from the Fed, other, increasing demand from emerging markets.


US Banks Failing At Fastest Pace in 2 Decades
Regulators shut down four more banks Friday, bringing the 2010 total to 143, topping the 140 shuttered last year and the most in a year since the savings-and-loan crisis two decades ago.

The Pentagon Asks NATO to Draw Up Plans for Attacking Iran
The White House and the Pentagon last week discreetly asked NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Adm. James G. Stavridis, and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to assign teams for drafting operational plans for US and NATO military action against the Iranian nuclear program.

Laptop Computers Cook Your Testicles
Is something burning, or are you just computing again?



Will You Be Able To Heat Your Home This Winter? Millions Of American Familes Will Not


Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura S02E03 Wall Street 1/3

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