Top 3 Child Trafficers – Conspiracy of Sex Trade Silence – John DeCamp interview

Top 3 Child Trafficers – Conspiracy of Sex Trade Silence – John DeCamp interviewRobert Hender " R J "

Police Chiefs have been caught using little boys as sex slaves.  Sheriffs have been found protecting pedophiles.  Some religious leaders have pleaded guilty for sexually abusing little girls and little boys.

Tue  Nov 9, 2010
Subject: Sex Trade Silence 

   Doing the right thing, matters today.  Many people never intend to be a hero.  John DeCamp was asked by a boy to defend him against politicians who were sexually abusing him and his friends.  Many of us would refuse to believe that these kinds of things are going on in America.

   This 2 hour Interview may shock you.  A caller suggested that the Boy Scouts are used by some pedophiles to recuit young boys for sex toys or for Satanic Worship Ceremonies where little boys or girl are used and then thrown away.  It could be your son or daughter. 

   What would you do if your children were targeted and abducted? 

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2 Responses to “Top 3 Child Trafficers – Conspiracy of Sex Trade Silence – John DeCamp interview”

  1. lamar mickens says:

    Mr. Hender I see this article is still posted, yet you won’t return my phone calls and I at the point of bringing in the legal wing…..Today si March 28, 2015…If I have not gotten a reply by email from you to remove the article and settle this out of court…Then my friend, I assure you, you will be going to court….You have until the end of today, Which is Saturday…By Monday we will be filing…..I asked you dozens of times to remove this viscous lie that is now in the main search engine…..So in court we can pull this up on any search engine…..Have your lawyer contact me if you will not…But this lie stops now…I am seeking damages of liable, slander, etc…From the day you posted this lie…..In case you lost count that is all the way from 2010…..It’s now 2015…..You do the math…..

    • RJ says:

      On my own nickel, I interviewed John DeCamp several times.  I have interviewed several other experts on the issues of child trafficking, etc…  I have no idea what you are speaking about.  I do not have your phone number.  These issues that I interviewed experts, regarding and what I have written about are suppored by good intel, legitimate evidence.  RJ

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