Aliens Exist – Demons Summoned by Solomon

Aliens Exist – Demons Summoned by Solomon

The Testament of Solomon is a book that speaks about demons that were summoned by King Solomon.  It seems like somebody decided recently to reveal all the secrets of Aliens and UFO's that have been showing up around the world, during the last couple of decades.

Subject: The Key of Solomon



Ancient Alien Star Maps.. shocking secret desiphered



The Key of Solomon:  Home page



The Testament of Solomon
This book talks about the building of Solomons Temple
and the Demons he summoned to build it. Solomon wrote
this as awarning to his people and at the end confesses the
error of his ways. And yet the freemasons ignore this message.
These demons tell Solomon how they will decieve mankind into
worshiping them as Gods.
This next book is the Goetia.also known as the lesser key of Solomon
It names the 72 evil spirits Solomon summoned. Its a book on the Black arts.
The Necronomicon
This is another book on the black arts that gives the names of the demons and
is a how to manuel for summoning demons.
This is a link to a radio show that talks about the above books. A really good introduction to this subject.





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