Economic Collapse – TPTB Currency Switch – 5 Hours with Tim Turner

Economoc Collapse – TPTB Currency Switch – 5 Hours with Tim Turner 

Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong.  A switch by TPTB is coming for the dollar.  These NWO thugs want us to turn over our gold and silver again so they have printed new money for Americans.  Are you ready to turn over your silver and gold in exchange for a new fiat money system? 

Tim Turner
Sat  Oct 30, 2010
Subject: 5 Hours with Tim Turner

Sorry if that rubs anyone the wrong way, but if there is an error to be made I want it to be on the side of letting the light in (or out). If I were on the outside seeking info I’d sure want to hear this. Our enemies surely have access to it, and we have nothing to hide anyhow!  Tim Turner


   These comments reflect some 9 pages of notes that i took from the Call Saturday night with Tim Turner. 
   It is my observation that George Bush Sr and other NWO thugs tried to assasinate Tim Turner this last summer up in Seattle.  It is by the protection of God that Tim Turner continues to move forward for the cause of Liberty, with the Republic of the united States of America.    Bush 41 hasn't abandoned his NWO position.  These cowards may not be done chasing T T.  Accusations are still flying by them, against our friends and against our position with the Republic.  V K Durham is one of these false voices, laying false claims at the feet of Tim Turner and the Republic. 
   Military Bodies, under the direction of the UNITED NATIONS are gearing up for invading and taking the possession of America. 
   In the name of our National Debt, the FEDERAL RESERVE is preparing to showcase a new currency for the UNITED STATES.  The Fed would claim that it is a new gold backed currency.  We may be invited to exchange our gold and silver for their new fiat currency. 
   Do not hand over your personal supply of gold or silver. 
   These corporations are collapsing.  They have been masquerading as our government. 
   God is moving in our behalf.  We had better take full advantage of this " 1 Chance, " to be Free.  Before the World Court we will present our case, that we have chosen " the Republic, " as our form of government. 
        Governor, Chief Justice, De Jure Grand Jury, Assembly, Members and elected Provisional Gov't… 
   Nathan Peachy says, " there is no magic manual to do this. " 
        Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong are just a couple of the Top 4 rules that we must follow. 
   TPTB want to collapse the dollar.  They want to get their hands on our silver and our gold.  Their new, fancy money is designed to pursuade us to exchange them for our " real money. "  It's all about their lies and theft in order to obtain more wealth at our expense. 
   We have a right to create ourown means of exchange.  We can trade between one another with rice or surgar or other commodities.  We could create a commodity backed currency.  We have some of our own gold, some out of country and some in country.  We may need to borrow some gold too.  Right now we have over 3 1/2 million metric tons of gold.  
   The Corporation has been standing in the way of our funding.   
   Around the world we are the #1 Topic of discussion.  Our Republic is going forward.  The whole world is watching us and some of these nations are anxious to duplicate our efforts.  We must get our structure in place; Congress, Progocals, Procedures, Verified Voting, Wetted Signatures, Certified Records… 
   Some of our enemies have been trying to gain a copy of the names and contact information of every member of the Republic and of our Provisional Congress. 
   Our Declaration of Independence is the most powerful, legal document on earth.  It shows that we have gained our authority from God.  We must present our nation to the world.  Our Republic is ordained by God and has the power of the Voice of " We the People. " 
   Many leaders of nations, all around the world are praying for our success. 
   America has the biggest, strongest military in the world. 
   If some of these nations showed their support publicly, they would put themselves at risk. 
   We are a Lawful Nation, the Republic of the united States of America.  We re recognized by the world. 
        We don't need their consent. 
        We don't have to have their recognition. 
        We already have their recognition. 
   We are making progress.  We are learning the small details that are necessary for us to finish what we have already begun.  Once we are ready, other nations will jump in and support us publicly. 
   Equiopment for your I D's have been ordered.  Our Congress must authorize the use of these I D's. 
   The Republic of the united Sttes is a Peaceful Nation.  We are a Peaceful Movement. 
   America is in trouble. 
        Treaties and Agreements by the De Facto America, with other countries, must be re-negotiated.  Right now there are over a million officials who are trying to leave America, before they are found out.  Most nations are not willing to accept these American officials.   
   We need your prayers. 
   Tim Turner says, " he has over 5,000 emails in his system and he may need some help to get to them… " 
   God has given us a Remedy to the pickle that America is in now. 
   God has been testing us.  Our Republic has the Seal of Approval of God upon it. 
   This " Republic, " is our " 1 Chance, " to save our country.  We are running out of time.  We wish all of the bickering would stop.  This is our Great Responsibility. 
   We have made a little progress with our funding.  We wnat to inform you about every little detail, but some of the details may put people at risk. 
   People all over are asking for Tim Turner to go on tour, speaking to many groups of people. 
   We want to do this God's way. 
   When these corporations come crashing down we may need to make it through some challenging times.  Lindsey Williams says that we need to gather at least 6 months of supplies in order to survive the coming collapse of the whole system in America. 
   Washington D C can't be fixed. 
   We aren't a movement. 
   'We are the government for America. 
   When the corporate House of Cards come tumbling down people will need a Place to Land. 
   Obama has no budget.  The USA fiction is operating on their last loan.  The budget year ended at the end of September.  Will all of America's collateral be turned over to foreign countries? 
   We already have accounts with our own National Republic Banking system. 
   Volunteers for the republic have been working 12, 15, 18 hours a day for you and for me. 
   Security issues caused the Louisiana Weekend to be cancelled. 
   Please pray for us.  Tim Turner says that he prays for us, every day. 
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   I did my best to share the notes of this meeting with you.  I apologize for any mistakes. 






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