NWO – Hitler’s Angels Had Children – Bush 41

NWO – Hitler's Angels Had Children – Bush 41 

Prescott Bush helped to fund the war machine for Adolf Hitler.  We've been told that the Kennedy family is the royal family for America, but why are so many Bush's taking charge of America as Hitler took charge of Germany?

V K Durham
Wed  Nov 10, 2010
Subject: George Soros and His 4th Reich Buddies


VkDurham is pointing out more info, but she is also sending people in the right direction to read it.
I am going to pull a couple of quotes from this lengthy valuable piece she put together for today.
The obvious theme is pointing out the evil doers…

The problem is, most people don’t have the time to read… it does make it easier to establish a relationship based upon trust.  People as a rule, were hoodwinked with our upbringing to trust first, you know, be nice and believe everything people tell us, when all the while our guard should has always been up, always with questions, especially what the religious leaders were spewing because religions’ line of thinking is to rule over the people. Give power away to the god of worship, when all the while if we as a people were not waiting on god or government, we’d be much further ahead of the game… Oh, and people gave their power away to be healed, the magic pill from the doc, rather than healing from within.  Like I said, the controllers fooled us.    We are the change the world is awaiting…




How many times have I asked my readers to CONNECT THE DOTS and read the Treaties international agreements sections 12087 posted on our site TheAnteChamber at
Just get past the first page where the Ekkers incorporated a US TREATY and THE US CORPORATION ALONG WITH THE "INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK".. Read the documents

This TIAS 12087 has allowed US BANKING to go into other nations and practice predatory banking and predatory bond markets.. This is especially true with CITIGROUP which I recommend you go over to InnerCityPress "THE CITIGROUP WATCH" at
and read all 142 pages carefully..very carefully!

. . .

Now that you are finished with those 142 pages on CITIGROUP and "THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB MEMBERS of TIAS 12087".. read another 121 pages on FAIR FINANCE WATCH/InnerCityPress at htp://www.innercitypress.org/finwatch.html .

This BANKING ORGANIZED CRIME is the reason for THE PATRIOT ACT which unconstitutionally takes away all of our Rights and Civil Liberties because THEY GOTTA GUARD THEIR 'RUMPS'…and subverting the law overthrowing the Constitution and the Courts which still honor the Constitution.. I don't know how many of you remember or have read ABOUT THIS SAME THING HAPPENEING IN GERMANY…. PRE WWII.

. . .

Now.. lets go back a bit in history.. and check out the #41st president of the United States of America; Bush Nazi Connection
: http://www.scribd.com/doc/14504840/Bush-Nazi-Connection

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