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Robert Hender " R J "

Mon  Nov 15, 2010 

Subject: 3 Days at Wind Walker Ranch

   The whole world will know this week how the Congress for the Republic of the united States came together this weekend and they stayed until their work was done.  Members of the House and the Senate for the Republic, from at least 36 Republics, came together to represent a majroity of the 50 Republics    All the way from Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania, and all over America members of this Republic Congress told me, " …God told me to come. "  They began arriving at the W W R on Thursday the 11th of November and they kept coming and coming and coming until they had all arrived to do the business of the People. 

   It's funny how accusers continue to say Tim Turner is a dictator in the Republic. 

   America is on the brink of collapse.  Are you going to do anything about it?  We the People did come together and they are working hard to Turn the " America Ship Titanic, " back around. 

   Tim Turner is not in charge.  " We the People, " are in charge and this Congress came together and took a hold of our Liberty and have now put  America back On Course.  TPTB have been trying to distract and destroy the efforts of the " Republic of the united States, but " the people, " have pressed on any way, trusting in the Gof of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  With Jesus we are taking a Stand and Raising the Banner for Liberty and Peace again in America.  Detractors may attack Tim Turner all they want, but it won't stop the rest of us.  It's not about Tim Turner.  It's not about the Restore America Plan. 

   American men and women have re-inhabited the Republics for America. 

   The sun is setting upon the De Facto Corporations that have been masquerading as the Government of the United States.   

   At 1am today Monday Nov 15th a couple of members of the Congress for the Republic of the united States dropped by my house to inform me that their work was complete.  Loretta, the owner of the Wind Walker Ranch, believes that this Sanpete Valley and her Guest Ranch were designated by God for the gathering of peoplw who will Establish Peace for America.  Some people believe that this Gathering of the Republic fulfills the promise in Scripture of how " the Law Shall Go Forth from the Tops of these Mountains. " 

   A few weeks ago Loretta thought it was time to extend an invitation to people who are involved with the Republic of the united States, from several western states, to come together On the Land at her W W R.  Utah Republic Ambassador Steve Brooks decided to send out the invitation and National Leaders of the Republic were also invited to come and speak.  Tim Turner decided that he and other members of the Republic would be happy to attend this small Event by the Republics in the west.  Utah Republic Governor Ted Lee and other Utah Republic officials determined that anybody could come to see and hear from President Tim Turner and other speakers that were on their way. 

   I think that they had no idea how this Gathering to the Wind Walker Ranch would expand and grow into a National Conference for the Republic of the united States.  Only a week ago a few more people joined the Utah Republic who had I T experience.  As a new member of the Republic, John D Smith did the work that allowed people all over the world to See and Hear the events on live streaming TV from

   Many people have been praying for progress from the Republic of the united States of America.   We didn't know it would come about like this. 

   Without official funding and without official buildings, Congress for the Republic came together any way. 

   After 2 days of visiting and speeches by Tim Turner and others the Congress got down to business.  Beginning on Saturday night at 6pm these men and women worked until nearly midnight to address issues. 

   On Sunday morning November 14th this Congress came back together at 9am and they work all day. 

   I think that many of these men and women were determined to do their work, until they were done.  These people refused to go home until their work was complete. 

   I hear that Tim Turner has been working all day and all night to prepare some suggestions for the Congress for the Republic of the united States.  Tim Turner may suggest all he wants, but " the People, " will decide what positions to take and what actions to take as a Republic. 

   The results of this Congress will be released by official sources within the Republic of the united States, within the coming days, but you can count on this; the work is now Done by " the People. "  The Work is Complete, as these 2 representatives told me. 

   I do not know what that work is. 

   Stay tuned for we shall hear more about the Decisions and Laws that will Come Forth from this Congress, from the Tops of These Mountains.       

   Below is an article I wrote two weeks ago for the local newspaper, the " Sanpete Messenger. "  This small town newspaper printed other news articles and ignored my reports on this W W R gathering. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J    


World Leaders and Freedom Lovers are watching America, carefully. If America goes down then the whole world could go with it. On November 12th, 13th and the 14th officials, members and guests of the Republic of the united States are gathering at the Wind Walker Ranch near Spring City. This is a national conference that has the attention of the world, that is bringing people from all across America to the Sanpete valley.


U S citizens continue to send new politicians to D C, but we are still facing High Unemployment, Foreclosures, Industry Losses to foreign nations and Politicians who continue to serve themselves rather than serving the needs of “ the People.”


There are many peaceful methods that people can use to exercise liberty.


Just because we voted for somebody doesn't mean our responsibility has ended in looking after ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our future.


Every week, it seems like more of our Freedoms are lost.


On January 31st Americans were asked to Take a Stand for Freedom from RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network. While Tea Party people have been creating awareness all across the country, members of the Republic of the united States were doing the work to re-inhabit the Republics. They have organized Assemblies in all 50 Republics and currently they're working to organize an Assembly in every County across America.


United States Inc. seems to have forgotten “ We the People. “


Loretta, from the Wind Walker Ranch says, “ There are over 1,500 groups in the united States, standing up to make a difference. My prayer is to create bridges with all of them as We the People, in general to facilitate change. Together we can Take a Stand for Freedom. “ We could blame our problems on politicians or even special interest groups, but really have we been sleeping and letting a few take away our freedoms and liberties? I know that I was one of them, until the injustices were in my face so much that I could no longer sleep. In recent polls 80% of the American Public are upset over what is going on, but I think most are as I was, I didn't know how to make a difference. Buckminister Fuller once said, “ in order to change existing an paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. “ My believe is that the Republic has come together to put our efforts to this end and we would invite you to be a part, if what we are doing rings true to you. “


Our rights come from God. The People created government.


The General Public is invited to this “We Love Freedom,” event. You can find out more details by going to or call the Wind Walker Ranch at 435 – 462 – 0282  or at  you may be able to reach Utah Republic Ambassador Steve Brooks at ph 801 – 815 – 5552

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