Top 4 Human Traffic Buyers – Watergate Evidence

Top 4 Human Traffic Buyers – Watergate Evidence

New York Cop Jim Rothstein was assigend a beat on the streets, near Time Square.  Rothstein found an organized system of supplying little boys and girls to people in D C and to peole with money.

Tue  Nov 16, 2010
Subject: Watergate Answers      2 Hour Radio Interview

   As a rookie cop in New York Jim Rothstein was assigned to watch the Time Square area.  On the radio with " R J " Rothstein describes how he became aware of the supply of young girls and boys to New York City by human trafficers back in 1972. 

   People are killed over these details, discussed between Jim Rothstein and R J.  Church Leaders, Politicians, people in Hollywood, Business Men and other people in high places buy boys and girls to sexually exploit or to torture and kill in satanic worship events. 

   An organized system exists in America to locate, capture and deliver new boys and girls every day.  Over 91 children are abducted every hour, many of them by professional abduction teams.  The Watergate Break In was done over a book of records in the Democratic National Headquarters that listed the names of the buyers and providers of fresh child meat to these Sick Freaks

   Barnie Frank has been named by victims of this sexual, child abuse as 1 of the many men who buy and use boys. 

   Jim Rothstein has spent over 3 decades in documenting and disclosing the evidence of this supply of human trafficing to Pedophiles, Satanixts, Pimps and to the Shadow Government. 

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